Miguel's 5th Birthday

So I told you that I was not ready for him to be a big boy just yet. But here he is at five. A big boy. A happy one.. so I think I should live with that. Haha. 

... blue cupcakes with sprinkles, his idea, check. 

... goodies for classmates, check.

... good job boys! for not touching the icing :) 

... feeling Big Boy and so proud of it!

K1 Daffodil with Ms. Sya

... happy to see him so happy with a piece of cupcake. 


... thank you Ms. Sya! 

... classmates (why do you grow up so very fast!?)

That's just part one of his birthday bash. We will have part two at the beach this coming Sunday. I can't wait for our Summer Picnic! :) 

By the way, Kuya is joining a contest HERE. Please help him win this. You will make him his grandparents very very happy! Thank you in advance :) 


Alice Charles said...

Migs does look like a big boy already so I think you must get prepared mommy ;))

trishie said...

Happy Birthday to your little boy. He is so gorgeous!

Genevive said...

Alice, yah. sigh.

Trishie, thanks so much! :))