weekend -- i miss you already.

Saturday. Hubby and I checking out the newly renovated Fair Price Finest. It's so nice and cozy.  We got carried away with the ambience that I grabbed a couple of cheese... and had wine when we got home =) 

I think my son sees too much scrapbooking, he made one for his uncle Jong2.  Happy birthday brother! Prayed for you in the Eucharist and ---  we all love you. 

Sunday. Hubby had a Nikon event and Mae went out (off day) with friends. So it was just me and the boys. I wanted to prepare or bake something to make it a bit special. But I have been quite busy these days so I was "unprepared".  As I rummaged through the cupboard I saw cones, but there's no more ice cream. Good thing we got Oreos! Solved =) 

My mind was already set to give the boys my 100% attention so I had no plans to craft that day.  But I don't know .... one cutting let to another LOL! (and surprisingly, the two became so well-behaved and not so kulang-sa-pansin) I managed to make 4 accordion albums in between Mommy duties :)  Thank you for being so considerate boys haha!

So happy with what I made that when Mae got home, I just challenged myself to make more... 

10 cards to be exact =) 

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