fun app + book giveaway WINNER

I could'nt sleep last night thinking about my sister until I found myself playing this super fun (and really easy) iphone app by one of my favourite bloggers A Beautiful Mess. It's like scrapbooking while lying down so I played and played until the phone fell to my face. 

If yours has iOS6 and you are connected to a wifi, you can download now! Gow! 

{My apologies for announcing this really late... the winner of my book giveaway is Alice Charles. Congratulations and please PM me your mailing add here.}


Alice Charles said...

Me?? Waow, thanks ^^

Genevive Rulona said...

yes you are! congrats Alice!!! :)

Benjo said...

Cool photos! :) congratulations, Alice! :)

SamSam said...

Love love this app but I don't use it that much!