sending smiles your way :)

Hoping you'll send me back some!

This is the kind of day when I don't want to do anything (most, if not all women experience this once every month). Scenario: I stare at my long list of things-to-do (just stare) then I proceed to the fridge and grab some of hubby's Cadbury. Stare at my list again and go back to the fridge and grab the whole pack. I sit down in front of the laptop and surf mindlessly. Such a loser right. Pfffft! 

But I don't want to stay that way. I once said, It's fine to feel like a loser once in awhile. I just have to make sure I won't stay that way haha! One way to do it is to create envelopes. It's therapeutic I tell you! :) 

Smiley envelopes, handcut :)

Little paper bags. Recycled!

Pretty tiny 2x2" envelopes. Great for embellishing mini albums and/or gifts. 
These are up for sale at ThoughtfulCrafts, in this album.

Thank you to all who signed up for Sweetest Days workshop. I hope you all had fun as much as I did. I'm in the process of designing next month's class. Stay tuned! =) 


Anne said...

nami ba... wala ko ya time mag himo sang mga amo na. so kng feeling like a loser ko, ga tambay ko sa tyangge kag tripinggan ang mga safari, cloud9, choco mani. te kundi nag lapad na gid hawak ko. mapa acu ko gani nga e reduce akon appetite kay pwede gali hambal sang ga acu sa akon.

Genevive said...

hahaha! tawa ko ah... i miss those "tiyangge" food. mo gid na ang na miss ko.. ina bala kun ga crave ka, ma pa tyangge ka lang kag mag pili2 :) diri ya wala gd :( need mo mag stock ti kis a ang na stock mo indi man amo imo gina crave :(

may time ka na bala kun gustuhon mo an.. maka relax k no need mag think :) try bala!

yyam said...

Oh well. That time of the month isn't always rosy. I find that exercise really helps to keep you happy...bring on the endorphins!
Love your smiley face envies!
And the ladies look very happy in their must be a great teacher.

Genevive said...

i followed your advice Yvonne. Just did cross trainer for 30 mins.. and im all - happy now :)

SamSam said...

Hey I did visit you but not the blog! I check your FB page very frequent! :) and I totally feel you. When the list of to do getting longer n longer, the less motivated u wanna get things done!