Project Life | Week 18: It's Time!

After years of denial (because I have no time, because it is so tedious, because.. because.. because...)  I finally gave in to Project Life. Please don't make me admit I feel so sorry I started this late! *facepalm* 

I watched Warm Bodies with hubby last Sautrday and one of my fave scenes was  when Julie,  in an abandoned airplane with R, was snapping some polaroid shots and said,  Everything we see, we might be seeing it for the last time. Yes. That's why I scrapbook. I have a very bad short and long term memory. And I have no plans of just forgetting all the simple but precious everyday moments of my kids and family! I need to Project Life! This will be for my sanity when the time comes. My grandchildren and great great grand children will thank me for this! 

I wish my very first spread would say: "Week 1" but then that would mean I have to wait for like 6 more months to  be able to start? No way... I'm starting at "Week 18"whether you like it or not :P 

Thanks to Cassandra and Sam. Looking at their awesome works inspired me to try this.  Having lots of  fun and I think I'm hooked! 


Annemieke said...

Love it!!

Benga said...

Congrats on Project Life! Inggit much!
I'm cheering you on to continue with your Project Life, sana ako din makasimula someday ;)

yyam said...

Lots of fun details here.
Have fun with your Project Life.