a layout... just because :)

Love that I made this layout just for myself. It's not a design team assignment. I'm not submitting it to any challenge. I just made it for me... 

Disclaimer: I'm not that "white" in person LOL! It's just my husband's camera's flash haha! And when I took a photo of my layout using my iphone, my skintone became even whiter! Oh my! :D

... these chipboards where leftover pieces when I cut some chipboard frames. Since triangles are trendy these days, I kept it with this idea in mind :) funny thing is when I should this to my (Engr.) husband, instead of just saying "nice" or "pretty" he asked me: "What are those triangles for?" LOL! 

... the prettiest of all the dewdrops are the clear ones.... don't you think? 
... and can you see my back stitching? :) 

... yeah. I'm happy where I am right now, I hope you are too! :)


trishie said...

Looking lovely, Gen! And yes and dew drops are real pretty

Julie GM said...

Yes love this & those dew drops!