Don't hold back. Live what you love!

Believe me.
Just go for it.
Papers. Photos.
Memory Keeping.
Making things with your hands and heart and feel very happy about it, making others happy too!
Meeting friends sharing the same passion.
Pretty things.
Just go for it.

If one day you might feel you are not getting anywhere with your passion.  If you feel discouraged. Rejected. Alone. Don't stop.

Just go for it. KEEP GOING. Keep creating for the love of it. Do it  not for others but for yourself. Enjoy the process. Break the rules. Be free. Be happy!
Believe me because I've been there.

I used to just dream about this....
and it is slowly coming true :)

It came true on my last year of being thirty-something! Thank you my dear scrappy friends for being there... you will never know how much you made me happy :)  this won't be the last Xoxo! :) 


Benga said...

It was super fun! thanks again for inviting me! I was really inspired by your craft area and projects, hopefully I can scrap again =)

Lolo Papang said...

go go gooooo!!!!!!!!!!! :D

yyam said...

Wow. Looks like a fun party. Your decor is beautiful. Enjoy your last year of being thirty-something. I agree with you...sometimes one can feel very discouraged in the pursuit of passion but perseverance always pays off.

trishie said...

Happy belated Birthday beautiful Gen! Looks like a wonderful celebration.

Julie GM said...

Happy belated! Looks like a great time was had! Love the party decor too!

Jeanette said...

Gen! What a lovely party! Omg, i love you decorated your house with so much goodness. It looked like everyone had fun. (: