I just turned 39 yesterday and although it's a new day now,  I still feel the birthday vibe and these cards I made for Robin's Nest speak volumes of how I want to do right this moment..  I want to give everyone  some BIG BIG HUGS! *A special warm hug for my youngest sis who needs it very much right now*

Check out my DT post today at Robin's Nest blog where I shared how I came up with these minimalist greeting cards. 

And here's sharing with you a peek at my unplanned but super duper happy birthday yesterday ... 

Balloons were my boys' surprise for me... puddings in cups were brought by a friend, Mona who came over to greet me (true friends come even if you don't invite them! haha! Luv u Mon! I'm really touched and I'm very grateful for our friendship!), cake was not part of the plan but Miguel never stopped asking me to make one, so. 

I wished for nothing. Well not really nothing. I just wanted a carefree day with my boys in clean and good smelling house,  Skype with family, a peaceful heart and deeper faith. I got it all and more! Wait. Our house wasn't that clean lol! A house will never be that squeaky clean when you have two growing rascals I guess. 

Highlights of my day (and the days before too!) for memory keeping... 
  • delicious homemade chorizo breakfast 
  • Skype with in-laws
  • Skype with parents
  • chats with siblings 
  • nephew Abe's drawing for me
  • my boys' surprise balloons and birthday poster complete with "lights off" effects haha! Thanks Mae!
  • hubby dear's prank (in fairness! i like it BB hehehe)
  • Sister's honoring (sniff. gotta read it when I feel so useless and down)
  • Father's testimony (surprised... a lot of revelations on how he felt when I was a growing young adult hehehe)
  • JJ's surprise gift :)
  • keeping in touch with friends I have missed a lot
  • a time spent with a great friend Mona (and Leila too!) thanks for bringing the yummy cuppies and the candles! 
  • bike trip with kids, planned by Miguel, that was cut short due to thunder and lightning LOL! 
  • rosary with BB 
Thank you my Father in Heaven for my life.  Thank you Papang and Mamang. My family, friends and community. It was one of my best birthdays ever. And because I believe that everyday should be treated as birthday, with His grace, I intend to make each of my days  just like that. Stress-free, less complicated, but with meaning. Is it possible? It depends if I keep myself guarded with the temptations and chaos of this world. It's a daily battle that I can only win with Him by my side :) 


whoistracy said...

Hi Genevive! Happy belated birthday!!! I have a question to ask you but couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog or a way to contact you. Could you please stop by my blog and comment with your email address or fill out my comment form??


Gi meaningful purple life said...

Happy belated Birthday Genevive!! So nice you had a great day!!

Christy C said...

Happy belated birthday!! You meant 29 right?
Wishing a new year filled with blessings upon blessings!


yyam said...

Glad you had a memorable birthday. Love that you have such a close-knit family..and friends. :)

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

Happy belated birthday! Your family celebration looks perfect and you have such a great perspective. You totally don't look 39 btw :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

Lori V. said...

I turned 39 yesterday! Happy belated birthday!