Jimmy Badilla

He is fun-loving. Playful. Childlike. He loves sweets. Very thoughtful especially during our birthdays. We didn't have all the luxury in the world growing up. We may even have lacked on many things but I always thought we were just fine. There were bad days, like when he would scold and spank (this one's really scary!) but in good days, especially special days, he would think of ways to surprise us from making a funny card or inventing a fun game to make our birthdays memorable. I always couldn't sleep the night before my birthday because I'd be extremely excited. And it's always different each year! I remember waking up to a treasure hunt with lots of pink notes and directions leading to a "treasure" I still have those pink notes until now. 

How else could I best portray that side of him than by creating this playful, sweet collage card! The photo of him eating sweets right outside Candylicious is just perfect! 

Thank you for being just the way you are. You have molded the five of us in ways you may never have known.. Know that I will never choose any other father if given  a choice. My prayer is for you to always be happy and at peace and contented living your simple and humble life with Mamang. And here's from your apos... 

Happy Birthday Jimmy Badilla! Love and prayers and hugs and kisses from all of us :) 


yyam said...

Ooooh...love the play with the different fonts!

Sandra Przybylska said...

Lovely project. Can I add your link to my blog? Need to find some scrapbook friends :-)