Botanic Gardens

We found a little piece of heaven that's perfect for...
  • nature tripping
  • picnic 
  • eating home cooked meals
  • playing ball with the boys
  • laughing out loud with sister
  • listening to picnic goers playing guitar
  • watching cute puppies playing chase with their masters 
  • lying on a sleeping bag (next time i'd bring a small pillow though)
  • enjoying so much that you'd think of coming back again. and again. 

That was one relaxing time with my sister Odessa and her boyfriend Chris. I made carbonara, chorizo, and turon which is their favorite. Boys must have their chicken of course. Super simple but fun fun picnic =) 

I know you've heard me say this a million times before. But there is no other way to say it: Best things in life are free! Nature. Being with family. Time freedom. Thank You Lord for life's simple pleasures! 

We won't have it any other way. We love our life just the way it is :) 

Botanic Gardens is officially the place I love in Singapore. It's a little piece of "Philippines" for me. It somehow satisfies my "laid back" life cravings. Can't wait for next time!


trishie said...

Looks like a wonderful day out with the family! I love the Botanical gardens, lovely spot and so close to town.

yyam said... lovely to have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens. Used to bring my dog there. You are right...nothing like a relaxing time with family.

Gi meaningful purple life said...

nice pictures, That is summer is about :-)

Julie GM said...

such a beautiful family!