Project Life - Weeks 23, 24 & 25

  • so far I've only done 9 spreads total since I started and I'm still getting the hang of it 
  • 11 weeks behind and struggling so badly but have zero plans of quitting. I'm hooked for life (I think haha!)
  • catching up means simple pages. no stitching. no medium. just paste. paste. paste. 
  • love my 3 weeks worth of PL... keep looking at it. again and again. thankful for the memories I get to keep. My faves among these are the photo of my boys napping during school holidays, their faces when they ate a hot pancake, and our couple run one night :) I may just forget these precious moments had I not documented it. Thank God for PL! 

Do you "project life"? Share with me your spreads please :)


yyam said...

Your pages are looking good! Hope you get caught up soon!

P/s: PL is probably not for me....soooooo much work!

RiNNE said...

Pretty stuff!! I'm behind about 15 weeks :(.