8 Things You Don't Know About Kuya

Kuya's 8 years old! So I will be sharing with you 8 things about him. 

  1. He loves food. Like Kinder eggs. It's the only thing he would ask for when we go grocery shopping. He also loves pizza and spaghetti and chocolates and doughnuts. 
  2. Kuya knows how to read. He loves to read. He learned to read when he was two. Although we communicate with him verbally most of the time, it is best to write or type it out and let him read. At bedtime, Daddy and Mommy take turns to read stories for him and Migs and sometimes they read for us. In this video he reads about some simple details of his birthday. 
  3. He is toilet trained. Since he was two.
  4. He loves to sing. He has a beautiful voice. Check out this karaoke moment as proof :)
  5. He met all of his milestones as a growing baby, except that of talking and playing with other children. 
  6. When he was two, he never spoke using 2 to 3 words like a typical two year old would.  He never "pointed" to direct us to something. Never responded when we call his name. Never said Mommy and Daddy to get our attention, just grabs our hands. He never played with other children. He just loved playing alone. He played with the same toy over and over and over, day and night. These were the things that told us something was not so right. These were the early signs of AUTISM. And when he was two, our world seemed so dark. We were so afraid of the unknown. I always cried. I felt that the world was not for us anymore. But then... 
  7. He proved us all wrong. He grew up. Still very much autistic, but he is an extremely sweet and loving boy. He loves to hug and kiss me, Daddy, Miguel and Tita Mae. When he's in a good mood, that is. The miracles he brings to us everyday, big and small are sometimes too much for me it makes me cry! He constantly brings us joy. He is a foretaste of heaven for us. He keeps us grounded. He lets us see the beauty of things that are so simple, so little yet so pure and full. 
  8. Now he speaks in phrases with a little coaching. He points. He responds when we call his name. He says "Mommy" and "Daddy" when we are not around, to look for us (haha happiness!) He still never plays with other children but a few times I heard him say "go to Paul and Tim's house". He doesn't only play with one toy but gets very much interested with new toys! I could tell you more things that our Kuya can do but I think I only said 8! So as a birthday gift for him, How about I ask you to be more interested in him :) Don't be shy to approach and hug him. He loves it. Ask me. Ask us about him. We love it if you do. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KUYA! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I know you are in good hands. Because You are God's son. He loves you very much. He knows what's best for you. He makes you happy in ways I cannot see. 

... only want what makes him happy, and these are the simple stuff: pizza, spaghetti, chocolates and US :)

... These are his friends :) Paul, Tim and his little brother, Migs. 

... his latest fave: Kinder Bueno sweets. 

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