Smiling at the thought that at this point in my life, I want almost NOTHING. Yesterday, hubby brought me to a Pandora shop to get me a bracelet. I refused. We went around. Swatch. Cath Kidston. Because he wanted me to get something.  I looked around. Tried some stuff. Nothing. 

I don't know if it's because my subconscious might be telling me "don't get anything! He might get something more expensive!" lol! 

Or I'm just getting old :) 

Nah. I am just happy. At peace with my life right now. It feels so great to realize this. That my happiness is not in the things I can see and touch. But on the things so simple most people might not even think of it as a big deal. 

Like Kuya's going to catechism class in church. Today is his first day. I am grinning now in the train as I type this. My long time prayer is for Kuya to receive Holy Communion. Be a confirmed Catholic. Be active in Church. Know and love God who loves him unconditionally. This used to be just a dream. Now it's becoming a reality. Little by little. Special thanks to our friend Joe and her daughter Marilyn for helping us. 

This and a lot other little details of my life make me thankful and happy. The kind of happiness that hundreds of pandora bracelets cannot ever give. 

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Sam said...

it was your birthday eh? happy belated birthday!!