Happy 39th!

Nothing beats this sight... for you to be happy and laughing out loud. Because you so deserved it! 

I had to work long hours almost everyday last week which means coming home at almost or after midnight. So I was kind of hesistant for a party but I know he loves to be with friends around on his birthday so we planned for a simple gathering with few friends he wanted to invite. So I made a list. And I asked him what I should write in my list. 

Was thinking to have just a simple, relaxing afternoon (after Mae and I did some fast forward moves in the kitchen that is haha!) and I am so glad it happened. 

Thanks dear friends for coming and celebrating with us! 

Just saw these chalkboard labels, chalkboard tapes and B&W straws from American Crafts DIY Shop at the MWL while we were displaying the new arrivals. I picked it up immediately, with this picture in mind... 

It did happen just as I imagined! Thanks to Mae, Mona, Leila and Bing for helping me :) The birthday boy was so happy and satisfied he even said this in facebook: "Thanks, my Misis Rulona for all the delicious food and the beautiful preparation without sweat! You did it very nicely with beauty and grace. I love you more and more!  "

Well :):):)


Benjo said...

One of the best birthdays ever courtesy of you, BB. The time, sweat, effort and ideas you have poured to make my birthday a momentuous one are priceless, much more worth than any precious material gifts that money can buy. I love you very much and more power on your passion - scrapbooking! I can see you are slowly getting there realizing your dreams and I am just here behind to support you. :) - <3 Your happy BB. =)

LightingFile said...
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LightingFile said...

Nice! :-)