i don't want to forget...

...that my valentine's day was sweet and simple and one that I won't forget.

... that I was happy and kilig. I woke up to dear husband's sweet message and an this leather wallet ... I thought that was it. I went to send Miguel to school and did my morning walk. When I got back home, I saw a white paper bag.... with a leather bag inside! 

... that my Miguel is still a baby. I insist.  Sometimes I forget that especially when he starts to open his mouth. He talks like a grown up! But now that he is sick, I saw how baby he still is. He made me his nurse, Daddy as doctor and our bedroom as the "hospital" and I enjoyed it very much. I am pretty sure he did too :) 

... that I need to pamper myself once in a while, even if it's just sariling sikap :) 

:):):) See yah soon!


Charllie Gee said...

Tama ..very awesome valentines day happy v day too .. so much fun and happiness genevive go rule

trishie said...

What a very romantic and loving husband you have! Your leather handbag looks fantastic