Be You.

The title of this layout speaks volumes of how I feel deep inside right now. BE YOU. I know this is supposed to be my life advice to my goddaughter but today this becomes my advice to me. 

Be you. Be honest. Do your best. Do what you love. Continue to be genuinely happy. Smile :) 

People will say things to bring you down. Whatever you do, no matter how good you think it is,  they will not like it and they will do everything to pull you down. What they think about you is none of your business. Try your best to understand them and love them with all your might. It's difficult but ask for the Holy Spirit to help you. Because the fact that they pull you down means they are already below you. Don't you pity them? These people just needs to be loved. They lack love. Probably they don't even love themselves. So be kind. Be you. 

Check out the Sizzix blog for the complete tutorial on how I made this layout. Happy weekend to us! :) 

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