Do more of what makes you HAPPY

Like making quick and easy cards!

This card was super easy to make. Really. The only most difficult part of it was tying the ribbon. I swear!

How is that possible? Only when you have Sizzix Bigshot and the Triplits dies, which are currently my most favourite things in the world. 

If you are a simple gal like me, you would be happy even with just two colors.. and one of them should be white :) 

And then with a little help from Mr. Foam Dots, layer shapes any way you want :)

Making a card base as cool as this is as easy if you have Movers and Shapers XL Card Die because you just need to cut and fold, because the card will already be scored for you. Add a little gold background paper if you like!

Punch a lace border for a textured background.

Arrange and layer the flowers!

Stamp a sentiment, tie a bow and add some dewdrops. Done! You can see more awesome Sizzix projects and tutorials HERE

Do you want to make this card  + 4 more different ones yourself? Sign up for my class at Made With Love this July! :)

And here's another card I made using Sizzix Triplits among others. This  will be one of the projects to be done in the coming Made With Love Bigshot Party... 

Speaking of party. I just love the fact that lately, dear hubby and I have started to spend time with friends again. We both love entertaining at home. Since we got married, weekend get-togethers with friends at home were a must. It only stopped when Rujim was diagnosed with Autism. I never ever thought we could ever party again. I thought we would be forever on our own. Taking care of him. 

Fast forward 8 years later... Rujim is now okay. Not so sociable that he would also want to party with us. But he is okay. As long as I tell him "we have visitors".  The other day I told him, "Kuya say hi to our visitor" he replied "Hi visitor!" haha! 

We are living a happy life. Different but not less. 
We are able to do things that make us happy. Simple things.
Like bonding with friends who have the same interests with us.
We are blessed. 

papers - Websters Pages
others - dewdrops, ribbon, stamps, ink

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