worth remembering

I checked my calendar and looked at my activities this past week. I wanted to be proud of myself for having done a lot for the world. But when I really thought about it, the things that made me smile were not the ones listed in my calendar. These were the simple things I did randomly. Things that were not urgent but I did them anyway. 

... wanting to make someone happy.

... seeing Jaime Oliver's very effortless way of making a poached egg and attempted to do it too, failing miserably haha! I ate 3 poached eggs today because I didn't wanna waste eggs :) 

... crackle painting my nails.

... discovering my two darlings bonding non-verbally. 

... Okay,  to have their hair cut is was my planner. But the burgers + caramel sundae date? Definitely not! It happened after a debate with Miguel lol. 

 Thank God for  providing me with all the time to do the things that are so simple but worth remembering.... (that's why I blogged about them!)  Hope we all have a bright and happy week ahead! 

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