Teachers Day Gifts

It's Teachers Day this Friday and I am so proud of myself for making these gifts early. The boys will be participating in the process for I will have them to make handwritten notes to be included in these wallet's contents. 

This project is for my friends who think that scrapbooking and paper crafting is difficult, and it takes too much time, and it's stressful, and expensive. 

It's not. Not always :) Today let me show you how easy, fast, relaxing and cheap this hobby is :) 

When I bought my Bigshot machine, I have my kids school activities, birthdays and school projects in mind. With this cool tool, I can save time, money in making handmade gifts and party details while I enjoy at the same time. 

Just like today. I am making this "stress free" Sizzix project starting off with these supplies: Bigshot machineXL Wallet Die, Paper pad by Pebbles. Just these and about an hour to make my kids so happy to see me making something for their dear teachers!

Now the extremely easy steps. So easy I can just describe each step with a single word!


Fold (because all these will already be scored for you!) 


Fill with gifts and notes. 

I used brad + washi tapes.

Ready for delivery! :) 

Paper pad - Pebbles.

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