Gifts and A Christmas Tree!

I remember growing up to a family (and extended family) that loves Christmas season. Christmas used to be my most favourite time of the year as I associated it with gifts, seeing loved ones... It was a very happy season. It is still a very happy season until now. Nothing has changed. I still enjoy the gift giving part. The food. The music. The putting up of the Christmas Tree. I still love Christmas. I still enjoy putting up our tree, wrapping gifts. But some things have changed. I am not that excited for Christmas anymore because it only comes once a year. I treat Christmas as a normal month. 

Why? Because I now think that everyday should be as special as Christmas. 

Everyday I should enjoy cooking and enjoying home cooked meals. Everyday, I should take time to laugh (or cry if we need to) with friends. Everyday, we should be celebrating life with our loved ones.  Everyday we should be giving gifts! 

And by gifts, I mean gifts that will last. A hug. A smile. A happy thought. 

These thoughts inspired me to do something special with our tree this year. It is full of "gifts" that's meant to be given to anyone who comes to our house this Christmas. If they are nice, they will get something else too! hahaha :) 

What makes these gifts special? It's the surprise message inside that I pray, will stay with you for the rest of the year! :) 

Let me share with you the process.. 

I started with my dear Sizzix, a paper pad from Pebbles and the newest die I have, a Notepad Cover Die by Brenda Walton. This is a notepad cover but I want to use it for something else. Yes you can do that with your Sizzix dies! :)

So I cut papers according to the shape's size (a system I have gotten used to when I know I would "mass produce"). Loving the reds greens! I can imagine these pretty patterns on our tree!

Then cut the shapes with my ever efficient, ever trusty Bigshot Machine. You can see the "sandwich" I made: cutting plate + die + paper + crease pad.

There. The shapes are cut. And scored. Because the die is so awesome, it will also score the shape so that all you need to do is just... 


So after all the shapes are cut, folded... I began to write Christmas wishes with my calligraphy pen. 

Then I searched for that bag with all the red ribbons I have collected over the years :D

If you come and visit us on Christmas eve, you will get one! Let me know :) 

paper - Pebbles

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