Because I have a brother....

When Miguel saw this layout's title, he added: "I will love him always!" I hope and pray in my heart he will always stay true to that. Even on days when Kuya becomes too much for almost always being the one to decide which movie to watch, or which fast food to eat at. Miguel has always been very understanding of his brother who has autism. Loving. Supportive. Patient. And sometimes jealous I think. There was one time, he innocently blurted out "Sometimes I wish I was a special batchoy* too so I can go to Kuya's school and we become school mates." That's because he was jealous because Kuya gets to go swimming every Monday in school. Then a few minutes of heart to heart talk would lead him to a deeper understanding of how things are. It's amazing how at 6, he is able to grasp everything like a true hero. 

God knows what He's doing. He takes care of everything. And having Miguel and Rujim as brothers is part of it. I can't help but smile and feel at peace. When the trumpet sounds and I'm outta here, they both have each other  and they both have God :) 

It's my turn for a quick inspiration post now at Sizzix. Go and have a look! :) 

*special batchoy - his endearment for Kuya because he has special likes and preferences, behaviours, etc 

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What a fantastic page! I love your style!