Thank You Mr. Lee Kuan Yew

This "Thank You"  card I made using Sizzix fold-a-long thinlits dies by Jen Long is dedicated to the man who made Singapore happen. Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, thank you Sir!

I am not a Singaporean but my heart is full of gratefulness to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and to Singapore. I know that my family and I are here in this beautiful city for a reason. A number of beautiful reasons. I even want to call it God's miracles. A clear manifestation that He is a father who loves and provides for His children. 

Close 7 years ago, when my husband  told me that he will be transferred by his company to Singapore was also the very same time when our oldest son, Rujim was being observed to have signs of autism. It was such a dark moment for us new parents because we knew nothing about the disorder neither did I know much about Singapore. But when I googled both words... HOPE filled my heart. Singapore happens to be one of the best places in the world for Autism Therapy. It has many big schools for autism. World's best programs are available here! And when we eventually came here everything exceeded my expectations. From the kindest social worker who walked us through the process of everything we needed to do for Kuya to the very loving teachers and therapists to the world class facilities and therapy equipments and tools. One of my favorite is that Kuya loves swimming and there is a big pool in his school which he enjoys every Monday. All these and a lot more privileges make our challenging life bearable and many a times, comfortable. And these make me wish that all the families  with differently-abled kids around the world, most especially those from my own country, Philippines were able to enjoy the same benefits we are enjoying. This wish further led me to my current dream of putting up Kuya's Autism Therapy Centre Foundation in God's time. If God allows. I am very positive that it will happen one day and many kids and families will be helped. 

I shared this with a knowledge that there are also very good, services in the Philippines but the sad fact is, it is only available to the very few who can afford it. In Singapore, the services are for all the residents. 

That's just one of the many things I am grateful for being a PR in Singapore. Thank you God for planting us here. Thank you Mr. Lee Kuan Yew for what you have sacrificed to make Singapore what it is now! 

This card is a fold-a-long card. It's really a fun card so and easy to make. You just need to have a Sizzix Bigshot machine and a few Sizzix  dies and accessories needed which I will discuss in details later. 

In the photo above, I started by die-cutting and folded the card base with Ticket Fold-a-Long card by Jen Long in white cardstock. Sizzix sandwich should be in this order: Sizzix magnetic Platform + Sizzix standard cutting pad +paper + thinlits dies facing down + cutting pad. Just run the sandwich through my Bigshot and I folded along creased line. I had my card base ready. 

The next detail is super! It was my first time to try the Sizzix ink sheets and it's so cool. Imagine to use all your thinlits, framelits and triplits dies as stamps? That's really amazing and that's what I did to the front of my card. Let me show you how I did it in the photo below:

When using Sizzix Inksheets the sandwich is composed of (from bottom to top) magnetic platform + inksheets transfer pad + paper or chard you want to transfer the image to + Sizzix Inksheets + thinlits die + Sizzix Standard Cutting Pad. Run this sandwich to the Sizzix Bigshot machine and you'll see the magic!

There! It's already nice as it is but I just tried adding stickles for more texture. Look at the pretty glittery details! 

Once the card cover was done, it's time to decorate the ticket found inside the card. So I die-cut a beautiful "Thank You" using the same thinlits die I used to "stamp" the image on the card front. 

To cut this phrase, just follow the same process mentioned above when I die-cut the card base. 

The card is done. The thank you ticket can be attached to the flaps at the center of the card. 

And it looks like this! 

Finally, I tied it with a baker's twine to secure. It's just a very simple and clean card. Pretty much describes to how Mr. Lee is as a person. I admire his being frugal, simple and humble. I hope and I pray that his life will continue to inspire not just Singaporeans but people around the world. 

Again, THANK YOU Mr. Lee Kuan Yew! Thank you! Thank You so much! 

Sizzix Bigshot
Ticket Fold-a-Long 
Magnetic Platform 
Sizzix Standard cutting pad 
Sizzix Inksheets

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