preparing the HOME and the HEART... for CHRISTMAS :)

the house is ready for Christmas! (and for mom-in-law whose coming over tomorrow!) i feel so fulfilled today after i finished all the things that needed to be done:

...the gifts are wrapped.... if you've been good, your name might be in the gift tags.. click the photo to zoom hehe ... these presents are so special for it helped me get up from my "difficult days of pregnancy" the moment i started wrapping, POOF! the nausea and the negative spirits were instantly gone!

...the tree is made, just the way i want it. small ( so it fits our little home), simple, and meaningful. this year, i adorned it with cute litle picture frames i handmade with our pictures in it :)

... i also placed some in our stairs, added some lights, so it looks this way:

... some inexpensive stuff here and there,
like this flowers i bought from carbon market....

... and this 4-year-old centerpiece from metro gaisano (yes i remember i bought thison our first Christmas! im smiling now remembering it.. i think it only cost P100+ :)

... and to welcome anyone in our home,
i still have this Christmas wreath i made last year, placed right in our front door:

"welcome to our humble home! "


... maybe i have prepared my home a bit for the birth of Christ, but im still praying i am able to prepare my heart. like becoming more patient to others (esp the house help) , being more mindful abt my words, being a lot more faithful in my prayertime, being sincerely interested in others, becoming a good listener that i am not, seeing and being grateful of the millions of blessings God gives me moment after moment... haaay kadamo lang. i pray that i will have a peaceful and happy Christmas this year.. and i also pray the same for you!

look what i got from santa!!!

i received a pre-Christmas present from beloved Santa who came home from a work-related trip to China ... i didn't expect it for i have been a mean girl lately.. i even quarreled with him (yes i do fight santa sometimes haha!) but i was so surprised .... he brings me present now and then but this one deserves to be blogged for i felt so happy having it! .. oh santa you are sooo thoughtful! for giving me
...A SCRAPBOOKING punch set...

...that doubles as Rujim's TOY! :)

(see, may dedication pa hihi)
... by the way, do you know how santa looks like?
... he looks just like this:


thank you for this thoughtful surprise! mwah! :)


i have a confession to make... there was a time (not so long ago.. not even more than a month ago) in my motherhood life, that i was a bit afraid of many things... one of which is about my son's speech... i was afraid he's not going to be able to talk! OMG. i would silently say... what if rujim can't speak? huhuh.. well blame it on his verY- witty-charming-so-talkative-extremely-smart cousin Abe! i couldn't help but compare the former to the latter... you see, my nephew (Annabelle's son he is btw) can already speak in clear and straight sentences even before he turned two.

but thank God. i worry no more! these past few days, at 1 year and 10 months, my son speaks a little more.. not clearly.. but he speaks! HAHAHA!

here's a humble list of his vocabulary:

mommy - meeee/maaa
daddy - dedi (but seldom says so)
jollibee - ebi
saka - kaka
go down - dam dam
buka - ka
human na/ finish na - nana!
amen - hamen (clasps both hands)
water - trrr!
star- ta!
sun - tan
moon - mmmm/ moo
car- ca!
fish- sss
hello? - aaaa?
pig - pee

and just an hour ago while we were watching DORA, when he saw a butterfly -- he suddenly shouted facing me: AYTIBA! Hheheh i guess he was trying with all his might to let out the right sound.. wasn't it an excellent try? :)

... and he often loves to talk to himself as if he's talking to someone.. and guess what's his intonation??? ILONGGO! hahaha

i love you my Baby Kuya. you make me so happy every single day :)

paul david's NEMO birthday scrapbook/guestbook

here's my latest project: a scrapbook and guestbook in one, where guests can write down there wishes for the birthday celebrator :) all materials used are ACID FREE..


happy birthday baby paul!! wish we were there with you.. hugs and kisses lang from ninang bebang, ninong benjo, kuya uji, and little bb :)


have heard about this place from many of my friends: Monastery of the Holy Eucharist; Marian Monks of the Eucharist Adoration (Monghe ni Sta. Maria), Marian Hills, Lindogon, Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines --- otherwise known as SIMALA. im glad i finally got the chance to go there myself, with my family and our CFC household last Sunday November 25. also in time for CARCAR'S annual fiesta .. yes namiesta pud mi!! :)

the place was so solemn, despite the hundreds of devotees and pilgrims, religiously falling in long queue just to step on the phenomenal Shrine of Mama Mary. my son, rujim was laughing and babbling nonstop-- not his usual self for he's always serious, cool and quiet... it was as if angels were playing with him... i really felt the place was surrounded with God's warriors. one sweet gesture we did was writing a letter to Mama Mary with our thanksgivings and petitions. not that we consider her God... it was just to ask for her intercession... that being Jesus' mom, im pretty sure she's powerful enough to make kulit to her son about our prayers hehe :)

pasilong sa initan :)

with our CFC household
my son enjoyed alot. he didn't even ask any of us to carry him .. walk galore lang sya :0)

rujim: "even a carabao has an angel to watch over him? cool!"
taken by my photography-buff hubby, nice noh? :)

im back :)

hello Philippines and hello world!!!
i miss you my friends here in blogworld but don't worry, i am happy to be back. im not totally out of my pregnancy discomforts but im glad i can now sit here in front of my pc a little longer :) i so believe its because of the GIFT WRAPPING mood i have.. i actually started wrapping gifts last night for our inaaanaks. i wrapped 5 gifts and i was smiling the whole time hehe i just love wrapping gifts!

another big factor of my feeling fine is this little big kuya...
he kisses me all the time, hugs me, calls me MA....smiles at me the way you see him here. he makes me sooo happy. i thank the Lord for you Baby Lab2 :)

that's about it for now.. hinay hinay lang :) take care and let's all have a blessed Christmas Season!


the best blogger awardee for me
my idol when it comes to many things esp writing
nerbiyosa but anchored with the Lord so ok lang
she's the one who brought me to many things:SFC, blogspot, etc.
she's got the best career as assistant editor but is very willing to give it up time comes for family
she's a super "budget" person (like me) but can be super galante in giving gifts/help
God loves her that much for giving her Rennei, Abe, and us, her family
she's got many loyal friends including me. yes we're frwends too
layas anak
the best listener ever
super deep
she's anne
my sister
and i love her dearly


wall climbing

(pls click the pic for larger version)


DEarest Kuya Uji,
i thank you for being so cute. seeing this picture encouraged me to make my life today less boring by scrapping some pictures of you and Lolamamang when you were still a few months old... hope you like it.

(PEEK-A-BOO-> is a game similar to hide and seek but played with
babies. In the game, one hides their face, pops into view, and says peek-a-boo!
Here in this page its done the other way around
as Lola gets the amusement from Rujim .

Isn't he cute! )

will be transferring all my letters for you here in this site.. hehe.. why? basta lang ah =)

40% boring

hohuum. that's how i live lately. i have the feeling im not the best companion to anybody. i complain a lot. judge easy. i seldom smile. and everything seem to smell awful. including baby uji's breath even after toothbrush (can you believe it?) i know this is just a phase. at least it's just 40%. there's still the 60% -- for good times, and good things =)

Jing and me @ Mr A's

corn feast @ ayala center, naki join man sila sa buntit hehehe
take note of my son's face observing his dad :)

Jing finished 2 servings of shawarma!

lilingin ulo namun panginaun... esp si benjo who took this pic haha

i love it that more and more are getting involved
this is rustan's green bag. we use it everytime we go grocery shopping.
we never get to use plastic, plus there's rewards points pa =)

saw our little baby for the first time via U/S.
so tiny and safe. doc said cardiac activity is great.
thank you Lord!

best of all, these two men make me feel so loved every single day.

hmmmn.. life's not boring after all. maybe i just have to blog it to be reminded =)

of feeling better, Uji, FOAM ALPHABETS! :)

i woke up today feeling a lot better! i hope the nausea is fading. please Lord. Maluoy ka sa akon huhuhu. maybe it was because last night, despite my reluctant heart, i went with hubby to attend our weekly prayer meeting with other couples. i bet the bad angels that were clinging on to me were driven away ehehe :)

a pose before we went to our prayer mtg: 2 mos buntit!

SO today...

- i took extra time taking care of my son who is a bit sick. he's got colds. i think everyone has? haaay kaluuoy.

sleeping the bad flu away
- i made scrapbooking products! (FOAM LETTERS for only P8/pack)

available in different colors P8/pack
these are great with any scrapbook themes... im still building up my scrapbooking materials inventory as im preparing for my very first scrapbooking party... maybe soonest.. i'll just keep you posted :)

by the way, my friend Jing Abetong-Banas is here with us (Mamamaps, daw close man kamo ni Jing?) She's havin a seminar at Midtown Hotel and im her landlady til Monday hehe

ninang jing and uji @ eastland clubhouse

handmade scrapbooking tags

making these makes me forget my nausea ... buy na! P18/pack of three :)


been having lousy days. i mean.. i've been the lousiest-me-on-perfectly-normal days. i guess this has to stay for about 2 more months. blame it on the second prince/princess i have with me in my womb. i can really feel it! Rujim can too. he steps on my tummy a lot of times in a day. hahaha. as if he thinks there's a threat in there to his kingdom. just kidding. i know my baby lab2 Jr. (obviously, iya daddy ang Sr. corny? hehe) knows none of it right now.

these days aren't my most favorite days .. when i couldn't eat, breathe, talk, move normally. sooo lazy. so moody. so ambot na lang gid. the noodles i detested before becomes most-wanted. and the all-time fave adobo drives me suka-crazy. eeew. even the thought of it makes me wanna faint. i hated surfing! hear that? i really do. huhuhu. im just dragging my fingers to finish this so you wouldn't think im neglecting my blog responsibilities (hehe. serious?)

i wish time forwards fast. to my second trimester. jooooke. i know i had to go through this. i need to. doc said this is a good sign that baby is growing well and normally. that's my only driving force. baby inside me :) please pray for us. thank you.

still i know. i can decide to feel good. hence this blog. i wanna start doing something. step at a time. haaaay. so help me God.

by the way, for the moms out there, what are your pregnancy "unforgettables"? :)

the only productive thing
i ever did this sept,
hosting n helping out Janet's wedding.
:) at least.

Kuya na si Rujim!!!

Yeheheeeeeeeeeeeeey! Im 6 weeks pregnant. And that explains my previous post hehehe... Thank You God for this wonderful blessing. I pray for your love, protection, guidance and inspiration for the entire 9 months of anticipation. May God be praised! =)


i can't
to say.
anything to do.
im lazy.
so pathetic.
i can't smile
to save my life.
i wish
this day ends fast.
i know

11 days

missing the plane. almost. first sight of my parents gowns for rent. flowers and candles for parents' shop. super bonding w parents. garage sale. cleaned the house. visit to lola. papang's lost mountain bike. aben oh aben. chicken deli. SM. Gaisano. Robinsons. palabok at red ribbon with dit. dit's cafe. fec reunion. capitol lagoon. kembot dance w richard. mister donuts 24 hrs by the lagoon. lcc barbecue. quan. roselawns. lamok sa roselawns. morto sa roselawns. jasmine.

manokan country. manokan country. manokan country. talaba at manokan country. marang. bangrus ni udoy. tambo na may gata. lagpad na fish dala che2. cute2 imo teddy bear. abe da superman. abe da bully wahahaha. uji da poise kaba. buttercup dance showdown with dit and che. statue dance ni abe.

Abe's birthday. sadya2 happy barney birthday. lopue's east. ayawan hulat sa jeep. damo2 geps. namit2 lechon. sadya2 hampang going to market. tiniil si anne kapoy heels. damo expose pityur =( guba battery. sadya2 beri haapy si abe. mas sadya nanay abe abri bori hapi bertdi geps.

house blessing. my birthday. dozen red roses from my baby via julie's. brownout at my birthday. washing plates joyfully at my birthday. family. videoke. few true friends.

kawatan. good bye n70. goodbye canon. goodbye pc cheke. goodbye pocket money. goodbye necklace. goodbye wallet and all that are in it. goodbye make-up kit huhuh. estee lauder from mom. mac lipstick from tita nini huhu. goodbye usb. thanks for the donations. red bag from mamang. pvc bag from dit. maybeline from jing. gift check from anne worth 1k. san2 make-up from tatskie. 1200 from hannah =) thank you hannah! 300 worth of cds from che2. 300 worth of make up from dit.

eat-peanuts-and-bbq-all-you-canfrom jules. skinny jeans and nice tank top. midnight snack with tobel and dit. icecream. v-cut. coke. tricycle rides. jeepney rides. walking asta nag ulan w baby ko and jing. new cute butterfly earrings from jing.God bless you kawatan. thank God ako ginkawatan indi si anne. manol ang kawatan wala kakilala laptop gin agihan ya lang wahaha. everything happens for a reason. those are just material things. more greater things will come. God is enough.

thank you Engr. Benjo Rulona for your birthday gift to me. eleven meaningful days in the city of smiles. the place that i love.