6 weird things about me

Tagged by momoftwo, my official reminder if my blog becomes idle hahaha. Thanks mama Maps. anyway, these are the things that separate me from others hehe ..

this is the way i start a good day, preparing a list =)

  1. i can not function well, if i don't have my 'to-do' NOTEBOOK with me. i gotta WRITE anything down before i can DO it. I just love the feeling of putting a TICK to even the simpliest task such as praying. what dah! even the things i pray for, LISTED. when you go to our house, there are a lot of things being listed everywhere wahaha. then, at the end of the day, when i did all these (sometimes not all hihihi) i put a smiley on top of the page, and i then retire peacefully, then repeat the same thing the next day. otherwise, expect a grumpy, scatteredbrain Bebang.
  2. i don't watch horror flicks.. i don't listen to horror talks.. huhuhu please, change the topic.
  3. i never watch the same movie twice. promise.
  4. i hate songs with repetitive lyrics. so dislike repeats. sulit sulit sulit sulit. amo man gyapon. grrr.
  5. i collect paper bags and would kill for them. okey super exaaage. but please believe me. its among the things that will take my blues away. the first i packed for my 'married life' trip was my paper bags. now, these have a special place in our house. so friends, just in case, my birthday's in a few days. i won't really mind if you send me some ehehe.. thank you na daan ha =)
  6. ari na. hambal ni anne2 indi ko ni di ibutang. but im an honest gal y'know.. here goes............ i hate to admit it. pano nalang akon dignity! ang akon korona! wahahaha.. but nothing's more weird than liking the smell of your f*rt... i just love it! wahahaah.. soweee.
now, that i have revealed a dash of my private- embarrassing-yuckie weirdness to you, you have no choice coz you are tagged. go!

trash for cash

I have read a long time ago from a housekeeping magazine that one of the many things I can do as a mom is to hold a field trip/ arrange a sell-the-trash trip with my family but i never really thought i'd do it. Until one time I learned from a momlike me, Leany, that they actually do it! So we did it! Last Saturday, along with my hubby Benjo, our son and Mae, I sold our trash (collected at the back of our house for like a month) to a scrap buyer ...

trunkload of trash

Manong weighs our trash. It's P9.00/ kilo!

What a surprise sight! when I took this shot,
I laughed and said: Amon man lang ni gali! hehe! What a coincidence, the owner of the
scrap buyer shop has the same family name as mine! :)
For those who don't know, Badilla used to be my last name,
till Benjo swept me off my feet and married me 4 years ago =)
Unfortunately, I was not able to ask the owner if we were in some way blood related!
Sa sunod na lang, ah. hehehe

We got P79.00 for a few kilos of waste. I was so happy! Not because of that amount but because it was a good feeling knowing that in our own little way, we have prevented waste (especially the PLASTIC!) from going to wherever it might go had we not collected it. Now I am so inspired to know more about ZERO-WASTE management. Who knows? I might just be one advocate. This im thinking for the sake of my son and my coming kids' future. Would you like to join me?

brush of an angels wings, accident, & PHRRRRRRTH!!

Brush of an angels wings. That's what I utter everytime I feel God's love in an unexpected time. A few days ago, my husband Benjo came home with a certificate that says: Free dinner worth P900 @ Big Mao. It's not that we can't afford it. It just feels so nice to get a gift! Although I admit, we now limit ourselves from eating out that often (what is? ang budget hehe) I congratulate my hubby for his being so good at what he's doing (he's Senior/Staff engineer at Fairchild Semiconductor) that he often comes home with such kind of good news! (Im so proud of you Babeh! Let me grab this space to tell the world!) So --- to Big Mao we went. Me, the Handsomest and yummiest engineer in the world, the mini-engineer in the house Uji, and Mae.

Accident. Without my hubby's knowing it. I dropped our camera. Rather, his camera (now you know Baby, it's not Rujim. It's me. Sorry?) And I didn't tell him. When the time came for us to take pictures, he was shocked to see his well loved gadget --- deformed! Then there was that awkward silence.... Not knowing what to do or say, I took these pictures:

Huh?! Our camera's not broken!!! Yes! So I hugged my angry-and-already-very-hungry husband, pleaded him to forgive me and Rujim (baw ginpasibangdan ko pa anak namun palusot hahaha) assuring him we will have it fixed, and further told him something like: "Baby don't make me feel you love your camera more than me" .... hahaha. S Drama!

Thank God naman my husband smiled ... or it may also be because of the fact that he's already starving. Basta. Importante happy na kami eat. The food was good! When all of a sudden....

PHRRRRRRTH!!! The sound came from Rujim Paul's behind! It could only mean one thing! hahaha... can you guess?

gusto ko maging maniniyot

Last Sunday (July 1, 2k7) dear friends from Singles for Christ (we call ourselves JoshuagenX --- based from our E-group forum) gathered here in our subdivision's clubhouse for an afternoon picnic. The guys were so into their poker game. The mommies were preoccupied with the babies. The soon-to-be mommies were to serious with some practical jokes (lalie you owe me a treat for this! grrr). My son was havin a time of his life in the pool with Tita Mae and Ate Mika. And I? I was busy taking pictures. Id like to be good in this too.. hehe baby steps palang ah.. these are my attempts...
mom! mahulog ang cameraaaa!!!

Rujim w/ Ate Mika



pathway that separates the playground from the pool
ang mag ina sa tay2, bow.

the joker and the accomplice

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Rujim n Ate Mika; poker poker; revelation; posing; etc etc...

Sa uulitin! =)

sikat kami!

My sis Anne is an assistant editor of MISYON magazine. And obviously, we get to enjoy some benefits =) aside from gift subscriptions (paid by her of course hehe) we also get to grace its pages. Here's a page of Misyon July-August issue. Thank you sissy! Sikat kami eh =)

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