i can't
to say.
anything to do.
im lazy.
so pathetic.
i can't smile
to save my life.
i wish
this day ends fast.
i know

11 days

missing the plane. almost. first sight of my parents gowns for rent. flowers and candles for parents' shop. super bonding w parents. garage sale. cleaned the house. visit to lola. papang's lost mountain bike. aben oh aben. chicken deli. SM. Gaisano. Robinsons. palabok at red ribbon with dit. dit's cafe. fec reunion. capitol lagoon. kembot dance w richard. mister donuts 24 hrs by the lagoon. lcc barbecue. quan. roselawns. lamok sa roselawns. morto sa roselawns. jasmine.

manokan country. manokan country. manokan country. talaba at manokan country. marang. bangrus ni udoy. tambo na may gata. lagpad na fish dala che2. cute2 imo teddy bear. abe da superman. abe da bully wahahaha. uji da poise kaba. buttercup dance showdown with dit and che. statue dance ni abe.

Abe's birthday. sadya2 happy barney birthday. lopue's east. ayawan hulat sa jeep. damo2 geps. namit2 lechon. sadya2 hampang going to market. tiniil si anne kapoy heels. damo expose pityur =( guba battery. sadya2 beri haapy si abe. mas sadya nanay abe abri bori hapi bertdi geps.

house blessing. my birthday. dozen red roses from my baby via julie's. brownout at my birthday. washing plates joyfully at my birthday. family. videoke. few true friends.

kawatan. good bye n70. goodbye canon. goodbye pc cheke. goodbye pocket money. goodbye necklace. goodbye wallet and all that are in it. goodbye make-up kit huhuh. estee lauder from mom. mac lipstick from tita nini huhu. goodbye usb. thanks for the donations. red bag from mamang. pvc bag from dit. maybeline from jing. gift check from anne worth 1k. san2 make-up from tatskie. 1200 from hannah =) thank you hannah! 300 worth of cds from che2. 300 worth of make up from dit.

eat-peanuts-and-bbq-all-you-canfrom jules. skinny jeans and nice tank top. midnight snack with tobel and dit. icecream. v-cut. coke. tricycle rides. jeepney rides. walking asta nag ulan w baby ko and jing. new cute butterfly earrings from jing.God bless you kawatan. thank God ako ginkawatan indi si anne. manol ang kawatan wala kakilala laptop gin agihan ya lang wahaha. everything happens for a reason. those are just material things. more greater things will come. God is enough.

thank you Engr. Benjo Rulona for your birthday gift to me. eleven meaningful days in the city of smiles. the place that i love.

fear: durian

Im turning 33 in a few days. But since birth, i haven't tasted this fruit, just because everybody says it's awful. Everytime Benjo eats it with gusto, i just look at him with envy. Somehow because of the thought that he's enjoying something im so ignorant of. I remember Eleanor Roosevelt say: "anyone can conquer fear by doing the things he fears to do". So today, I dared. I ate durian for the first time!

It 's a bit good. It still isn't my favorite. But at least, i have conquered my fear of it. Im proud of myself! I still got a few to conquer: riding an octopus, bunjee jumping, giving birth (again), losing a loved one, watching horror movies with eyes open. i want to erase all these.. God help me. Just the thought of it makes me want to do a novena. fast. volunteer on a mission.. in other words SURRENDER. haaay. Maybe i'll start surrendering now. God, again, for the second time, PLEASE HELP ME.

Now tell me, what do you fear?

bohol vacation

IT was a"fattening process" as cuz Tim and Benjo call it.. nonstop eating and chitchat in what was like PBB house ( we stayed inside the room intended for for Uji and Ty most of the time) it was such a very memorable experience ...videoke, disco w aunts and uncles, the endless "mano po".. and.. dan dararaaaan.. the "crab phenomenon" (only me and some cuzins-in-law will understand) will surely be one of the topics for the generations to come..Im sure Lola Tianing and Lolo Tiks were looking down on us from heaven with glee.. thank you tita nini and tito undo for making all these possible.. balik2 .. we love you.on our way to bohol via lite shipping

practicing my shots with my two dashing models

at the cemetery..

the cast
more pix HERE