Mission Statement

Today's reflection reading from Didache asks: "What on earth am I here for?"

Let me think ...

Wife. To love my husband. To nurture the love triangle we have with God. To be faithful. To forgive. To listen. Be loved.

Mom. To love my sons. To take care of my sons. Make sacrifices for them. Pray for them all the time. Cry. Laugh. Be loved.

Daughter. To love my parents. Understand them. Spoil them. Think about them. Miss them. Get pissed. Feel guilty. Be loved by them.

Sister. To love my sisters and brother. Hate them. Love them again. Think of them. Pray for them. Miss them. Being missed. And loved.

Friend. To love. Laugh. Cry. Hate. Love. Feel good. Be pretty. Be loud. Be loved

These are the (top 5) roles God gave me. I thank Him for making me realize this very moment, how beautiful life is. How meaningful and wonderful my roles are. How clear is the fact that I am here in this world to love Him through these roles.... and spend the rest of my life being loved by Him!

My mission: LOVE.

Not easy.

But God will help me.

Amen! =)

I got Tagged!

Thank you Cathyne for tagging me :)

1. Four places I go over and over

  • National Bookstore. Scrapbooking stuff!
  • Bo's Coffee. Caramelo.
  • Maricor's and/or Sweet's house. Chika.
  • Ayala. Rujim's favorite.

2. Four people who e-mails me regularly
  • Benjo
  • Friendster
  • Blogger
  • Twitter
.. aw people di ba hehehe sige nalang... people mana guro nag send ehehe.

3. Four of my favorite places to eat

  • Home. Cheap and Healthy!
  • Jerry's Grill. Salmon Belly, Bangus ala Pobre, Crab rice, Tinomok
  • Mcdo. Caramel sundae.
  • My Joy. Pork belly and iced tea.

4. Four places I'd rather be

  • Singapore with my Baby :( hidlaw na gid as in... tsaka.
  • Home with my 3 ka lalaki sa akon kabuhi.
  • Scrapbooking Room. Wish ko lang anay :)
  • Bacolod. and have my own business there. soon. God willing.

5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over

  • SiS Tv. (Scrapping In Style)
  • Singing Bee
  • Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers ( Sundays lang)
  • The Buzz hehe

6. Four lucky winners of this tag

  • Benjo
  • Don2
  • Jing
  • Vivian

backlog: simple but happy birthday!

w cousin Ging

so happy to be reunited with Manong and Ging!

Mommy Minda!

dinner with close Eastland friends

date w Mare Chic

more than anything else...
I thank the Lord for these two handsome piglets!

thank you Lord! I'm 34!

so many things to thank for ... but while i'm busy, i'd like to share with you one of the best gifts i got. my sister's endearing thoughts she posted in her blog. i really cried reading it. super talent ya gid na ya magpahibi. tsaka. haaay.

It's my sister Genevieve's (also popularly known sa Bebang to friends and family) birthday today. This blog is all about the things I am grateful for being her sister, as my way of honoring her.

She sacrificed two years in college just for me. Back then the three of us were in college, not to mention the two others in high school. Food on the table was more important than tuition fee. Our parents said only one can continue college. Bebang said if she stopped, she can look for jobs. I had to keep going because I had the chance to be the school paper editor and if I stopped, I was too shy to look for jobs. She had the chance to be cum laude. But she let it go, just for me. *sniff sniff!*

She joined beauty pageants to earn money for us. She would usually take home food from parties she attended to. One time she woke me up excited to show me my pasalubong, a pair of pearl earings. I didn't even smile because I was annoyed that she had to wake me up for it.

Once it was my birthday. She was broke so her birthday gift to me was she was my 'slave' for the whole day. She cooked, cleaned, washed my clothes.

When Reinee courted me at home for the first time, I went home to find her busy cleaning up. She was too excited for her younger sister's suitor that she even prepared a little snack for us. Sandiya. Nyahaha.

It was her who encouraged me to join activities in school, saying they would be good for me. I complied, on condition that we join together. Even in community activities we were both active, she, having found and lead a youth organization which became known in our place. Those activities have helped me, indeed, to get out of my shell and share myself to others.

I was too unresourceful, so lacking of confidence and guts, too dependent on her financially and who knows what else. But I never heard her complain even once, never did I feel that I was a burden to her, especially when we were in college and living independently from our parents. Instead, she was my number one fan, cheering me on every step of the way...up to this day.

That's inday. The 'most' in many ways.

Most kulit, most thoughtful, most drama queen, most resourceful, most isug, most tralala, most palakaon, most traidora....

Most faithful to God. The one thing that has blessed me in ways I cannot count.

Happy birthday!! mwah mwah mwah!! i lab u to me der to u por eber today
ebreting olways. (iya na style)

look what i got!!!

It's two days before my birthday! And labidodskisness sent me something I super looooveee!!! Creating Keepsakes book! Thank You Baby, you are so thoughtful... thank you for knowing what to give me even if I refused to show you my wish list (due to LQ nyahaha) ... thank you for making me feel so loved by supporting me with my hobby! I love you too! mwah mwah mwah! And thank You Lord for giving me a very sweet, thoughtful, loving, medyo bastos (lol) husband! peace Baby!!!

Ti ano ya geps mo sakon, ha? hihii =)

Miggy makes us all laugh! Bugoy @ 3 months =)

good things 081308 =)

  • early morning strolling with Miggy
  • belly dance
  • chocolate fountain transaction with Rica Paez
  • Aim Global business knowledge! ( im hungry for learning when it comes to business nowadays!)
  • my new scrapbooking tools--- punchers! ang saya2!

  • Miguel's enjoying the rattles already
  • ... and he watches Dora! haha we just place him in his stroller since he can't sit up yet.
  • mcdo bonding with sis-in-law Bing2.
  • voice chat with Banana
  • being loved and kissed by Uji
  • ... so he will get horsey2 ride
  • Meow's secret gift for me (aaaaaaaaaah! indi ko katulog meow kun ano na!)
  • Meow's preggers! (ara gin announce ko man! lol)
  • watching "happy birthday Joseph" video made by sis Anne and crying afterwards.
  • new designs of handpainted poloshirts @ my store! do take a look at more of our designs =) these items are very special and one-of-a-kind for they are works of art by my father the one and the only Jimjimmy!

a week with Dad

... a photo summary of our bondings when Dad was here. Soon we will be together, that's for sure! we already got the plane tickets! Yay! =)

*click the collage to enlarge images

good things 081208 =)

  • Rujim's fever subsided! Thank You Lord
  • no more constipation since he started taking supplement.
  • new "horsey ride" game with Uji.. we both love it!
  • consistency in potty training! CLAP, clap, clap!!!!! He dragged me to the bathroom and he peed. Thank You Lord! My little wonder boy! And he is not even 3 yet =)
  • very funny belly dance session! ...while I was concentrating on my basic moves he handed me the bubble bottle and said "boo .. bubble!" (blow bubbles!) so imagine me doing belly dance foot work while blowing bubbles with Rujim smiling at me lol!
  • Miguel didn't catch the colds... thank you Lord. To all mom friends of mind who will soon have a baby... BREASTFEED! the best for babies up to two years hehe =)
  • Miguel knowing how to get attention by making "huh! huh!" sound. Cutest!
  • Mamang's one million text messages about their Tagaytay trip. Happy when they are =)
  • Some challenges of course... Mae's still in Bacolod. Makes these past two days veeery busy and quite tiring. But I'm thankful for I'm able to take care my two boys. FULL TIME. Well, with a little help from Mommy Minda :)

That's about it for today... hope to do this "good list" daily. To remind me of God's love that comes in big and small ways!

Hugs to you all-who-read-my-blog-but-I-don't-know-who-coz-you-don't-leave-comment-tse friends of mine! Hehehe.. Nyt2!

one, two, one, two, one, two, twe!

i got an award! as in dugay2 na ni hihihi

Thank you Mamamaps and Sistah! for this award. I was bloghopping when I saw this badge. and I remembered, I have this too! Twice! sus! kabudlay gid basta ga tigulang na.. ti wala nako kabalo sg criteria kun pano ko ni nadaug huhuu... basta thank you Mamamaps!

Miggy @ 2 months =)

Yay! Kuya! =)

Little Kuya is 2 years and 6 months old already! Everyday, we celebrate his mini-but-very-significant milestones... There's a cheering squad somewhere in Eastland. And I'm the cheerleader! As of today, he...
  • is 90% potty trained
  • puts away his toys after playing ...
  • approaches me, or anyone nearby and asks help with a toy saying " open" and lately we tell him to add "please" so he says "opehtoh" (open please) lol ... his effort makes it even more cute!
  • helps Mommy by "getting" or "giving" something while Mommy takes care of little bro.
  • puts his milk bottle on the table after feeding =)
  • throws candy or biscuits wrapper on the garbage. even diaper hehe
  • one time, he handed me my cell phone while it was ringing =)
  • counts from 1 to 10 (not so clearly but that's it!)
  • reads the alphabet at this site (and Daddy loves its when he looks at our mouth and mimic the way we enunciate the sound!lol!)
  • identifies parts of the face and body
  • strings beads
  • uses spoon and fork when eating (food with sabaw)
  • masters the shape sorting skill and does it fast!
  • follows simple orders (take off socks, shorts, give me __, bless, lets get out, go down, up, use pick it up, etc)
  • plays appropriately at the playroom like slides, rides bikes, dunks a ball
  • identifies pictures in books... many of them! and labels them when asked.
  • he has words! (only had about 10 when he turned 2! can you believe it?)
  • reads words! yes! he can read: giraffe, mouth, eyes, nose, ear, chimpanzee,elephant, kick, and a lot more! (thanks Ninang Cathy and Ninong Noi for your "baby can read" CD gift!)
  • in his playgroup, he answers his teachers when asked to identify some drawings like "umbrella" "tree" :)
  • identifies shapes
  • finishes every last word of almost all nursery rhymes and songs we taught him
  • can perform simple action songs using his hands (eentsy weentsy spider, thank you Lord, i love you.. etc)
  • makes the sign of the cross in a very cute way!!!! :)
  • sings... and dances too!
  • pays attention when i read him a book and points to familiar things..
  • listens and seems to understand when we pray before bedtime (ga kipat2 and mata)
  • knows and identify members of our immediate and extended family.
  • so much more aware of things and happenings around him... tries to go out when there's a plane, looks out the window when there's an unusual noise, or when there's a visitor :)
  • loves videoke
  • loves barney, dora, Bob the builder, Thomas the train... and many more!
  • says to me "kuker" (take care!)
  • kisses me and hugs me 99% the time. feel so looooveeed!
  • kisses Baby Miggy 50% of the time. (wants to kiss Dad too but he's not around most of the time.... sige lang, soon we'll be together... maybe in a month's time) .

These things are HUGE! See, the handsome Kuya has speech and communication disorder. He does not communicate the way a boy his age should, thus we put him into therapy. This gave us "cloudy" days a few months back, but thank God, we see a rainbow now! We know that loving and mighty God is taking charge! Thank you Baby Kuya for giving us joy every single day. You are our hero. Our teacher. You bring us so close to Papa God. We love you 'nak! =)

lucky everyday

Today is 8-8-8. August 8, 2008. Some say it's a lucky day. I don't think so... Everyday is a lucky day...When you are mom to these cutie piglets =)

ribbons make me smile =)

I'm currently busy making a scrapbook for my friend and kumare Grace' daughter (negosyo! hehe) which explains my not posting scrap pages lately... so just to fill the gaps, let me show you something I really enjoy looking at: RIBBONS!

I just love them! =)

"if you don't choose to reuse, our planet will lose!"

In one of our CFC household meetings, Sis Marge and Bro Jojo served us some chocolates...

and the Bebangness in me asked the empty box. It was just so pretty to be thrown away =) I kept it for quite awhile already until recently I have figured out what to do with it ...

tsaraaaan... a very lovely tray for my earrings!


In between breastfeeding, chatting, changing diapers, playing with the piglets, I made a page of me with my beautiful sisters and my friend Tin!

"Sisters .. are different flowers from the same garden." Taken 5 years ago during my pre-nuptial photoshoot. How I miss my sisters ... and how I miss that slender me hehe :)

happy birthday "Mama 'Dy"

Today is Ate Ludy's Birthday... so I made her a spcial bookmark that was delivered to her doorstep by no less than her favorite, Pochochoy =)

Dear Mama 'Dy,
Thank you
for always going to our house,
for singing nice songs,
for the yummy spaghetti,
for the love.
Rujim & Miguel

"we are the cool cousins"

journaling: Dear Cousin Abe, We came out of this world almost at the same time. We both are equally cute and charming. You love sharks, I love cars. You are Vhong Navarro, I am Sam Milby. Wherever life will lead us, I know we will always be there for each other. Love, Uji

im hot!

Here's what it takes to be hot:

a favorite worn out shirt

some glitter fabric paint pen


Im his mom! don't yah know? =)

"this is how my morning looks like"

I thank the Lord for each morning He gives me
for I know you'll both be there
when I open my eyes.
Love, Mom.