surviving w/o mae

ako nag prepare bfast :) im getting used to not having yaya ...

life is tough ... but it's fine coz ur there :)

it's been the hardest two weeks ever with the boys. no yaya. i even cried secretly one time. but i get by with your love and support. thank you Baby. thank you God!

amazing singapore

Been here for five days now and I'm still so amazed by this soooooooo beautiful and extremely clean country! GRABE SA KA LIMPYO. Makes me confident to bring along the kids even sa highway. NO POLLUTION! Very clean gid ya. promise! It's also SUPER SAFE! You can wear jewelries anywhere, you van carry your bag without fear nga may mang snatch... In fact I now have a habit to leave my bag on the stroller. Ok lang ka diri mag tanghadal hehehe ...

Things are really pricey but I believe we will still manage if we just make conscious effort to be frugal. So far hubs and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to be here. It's practically near our loved ones (3 hours by plane) so we can go home anytime when homesickness becomes unbearable. Honestly, I feel homesick na. Much more now nga wala pa klaro akon roaming. huhuhu. But I just think of our deep reason. We are here to put Uji in the best school/therapy centers. And we want to be financially free for our loved ones. In the next few years, God willing, things will fall into place! =)

The following are some of my favorite photos that has it's "mini stories" behind ...

This spot ain't a tourist attraction. Hubby laughed when I asked him to take a snapshot. But why did I pose here? I wanted to take note of the very clean tiles. Take note, It's OUTDOOR. But can you believe we actually saw one janitor cleaning it with an electric brush (or what do you call that? ina bala ang daw ga libot nga giant brush hehe)? Amazing.

Hubby here complied when I make him pose before a basement parking. Take note ano ka limpyo. Pede ka ka higda! and never will you see an old car. super new and ga hining hining tanan! grrrr... umol2 na gid ko. sa ka nice sg place hehehe!

This diaper packaging is the smallest. lol. I have noted that they don't sell things here that are of low quality. nice2 ang diaper. practically priced. i think daw tag P6+++ lang ni. pero kauyon si Burtitoy =) haaay... sadya no hehe =)

Did you know? you can actually drink water direct from the faucet. pero wala ko pa na try hahaha daw indi ko kasaho. But at least, gin paliguan ko si Miggy =)

There's a place for everything. You can't eat and drink anywhere. At least that's what I have observed. People eat in reastaus and foodcourts, but never did I see someone eat somewhere else! And my little Kuya never seems to mind. In fact hiyang sya sa ka cozy dri sa SG. tan awa o. comfy kau nag eat on his own. So happy to see him so contented and at peace.

A very warm gesture. Uji bumped his head on a side table (thank God he's ok, he just got a very small cut) and after we asked for an ice and a first aid kit, Pan Pac management gave us this "feel good" token. Yummy cookie jar :) and a personalized card. How sweet!

Still got so much in my head to be shared but my boys are waiting to be danced to sleep. Here's a hug for everyone I love. Leave a comment will you? hehehe ... Ciao!

new life starts now!

hi all!

we are here. particularly here. everything still sinking in. so many things to share!!! my head is spinning. my emotions get all mixed up. i miss a lot of people. family and a few true friends. but more that the "missing" thing, i'm so happy to be finally here with hubby. we are together!

i have my hands full now. but i promise to update as often as i can even through photos lang.

for now, i have to rest. and join my boys in bed.

thank you God. please give my love to all my loved ones.

twit twit twit!

... so busy for the big transfer. which gives me no time for blogging. meanwhile, im giving sentence-long updates through TWITTER. at least to release some excitements, rants, and whatnots thank you guys for following! please include us in your prayer. God is in charge!