love letters

Dearest Kuya,

I love our "moment" this morning. We were lying on the couch. My head was on your shoulder, the very same way I do with your Daddy. Look how tall you've grown. I picture myself old and gray having the same "moment" with you.


Dearest Baby Miggy,

I love the way you called me "Mommy" for the first time just the other day. And now you are back to calling me "Deydi" and calling Daddy "Mama" .... hmmmn you seem to be so confused anak :) but I know it is indeed confusing learning a language. I love to see your 6 crooked little baby teeth. I love the way you dance. I love the way you cheer and laugh when Kuya runs around and do his thing. I love the way you pretend to cry without tears just to catch our attention :) I love everything that you are.


Thankful Tuesday: Chillax!

I thank You Lord ...

for the peaceful, quiet, family time with my hubby and sons.
for the realization of hubby's longing to do real photo shoot, undisturbed.
for the much-needed me-time with my magazine, fave food, and a pair of shades.
for Miguel's peaceful sleep amidst the beautiful sounds only nature can make.
for the clean rest room when Kuya needed to make number 2 (lol!)
for Kuya's joy in running around freely, seeing a number of airplanes, eating junk food
with Mommy.
for the extra pair of hands that help me, Manang Didang's hands.
for the $9 voucher we used in purchasing our snacks.
for the beautiful park we freely entered and spent the whole afternoon. yes, FREE.
for the realization again and again that in this life, the best things are most of the time free.

Thank You Lord!

rule-of-thirds King with his newest toy

Daddy's assistant

what a beauty! i can come here over and over...

Daddy's proud supporters


more photos here.


G - gorgeous
M - m.i.l.f.
O - oh la lah!
M - mahilig (magluto, limpyu, sayaw, inom, laag, C-----, atbp!)
S - super moms na super wives pa!

Thanks Gmoms for the friendship! and thanks Momi Cathy for introducing me to the group :)

note: kuwangan gmoms sa pic :(


  • i thanked the Lord for loving me and for giving me another great day.
  • i watched Salamat Doc at TFC.
  • i posted at Kuya's blog about his reading the word clap, while clapping his hands saying "dap! dap! dap!" and the new speech therapy program we enrolled in.
  • i painted my toenails pink and i liked it.
  • i texted with Mamang and Papang about the polo shirts and the dress im requesting them to make for Mig's birthday :)
  • i painted my fingernails beige and i erased it. it's not yet possible right now.
  • i made a stripe napkin holders to hold the stripes table napkins.
  • i bleached our kitchen tiles. it didn't work. maybe ill try it again next time.
  • i washed the whites.
  • i cooked fresh pancit. we ate it for lunch and will bring some to Momi Ingrid's for dinner. hehehe.
  • i prepared the hair ornaments i will deliver to Woodlands Mart.
  • i prepared the chocolate fountain.
  • i sat down on this striped office chair.
  • i am typing
  • someone kissed me (mmmn shet kalami!)
  • i will stand up and prepare the kids for the photoshoot and swimming at the Duremdes' place.
  • we will drop by Woodlands Mart and buy limoncito for the pancit.
  • we will take the bus, and the train.
  • we will walk and pass by Little Guilen
  • we will enjoy swimming and the photoshoot.
  • i will chika with Momi Ingrid, Momi Marianne, Momi Evev :)
  • we will eat dinner and chika some more while the kids play.
  • we will all go home
  • i will thank the Lord for this great day! :)
  • that's all.

so in love

... with my Miguel.

And who wouldn't be? He is sooooooooooooo adorable. Funny. Sweet. Always a little gentleman who sweeps me out of my feet. It's really heaven to be smiled at by him especially with those 6 little teeth! GRRRrRRRrrr!

I just thank God for this baby of mine who never stops making me happy with his little antics:

  • claps his hands and dances when he hears happy tunes
  • waves bye bye
  • acts out with his hands when sang twinkle2 lilttle star
  • crawls very fast around the house
  • cruises along the furnitures
  • says "dadda daddy dadda" even to mommy (but i think i heard him say "my" today! not very sure though hehe)
  • giggles and plays with himself in the mirror
  • likes making friends
  • loves Kuya the most and Mommy and Daddy next.
These days I am busy preparing for his 1st birthday which we will celebrate with Kuya Reimar and Kuya Josh. Really looking forward to that day! Our thanksgiving day for God's bringing Baby Miggy to us all! :)

Thrifty Thursday: make-your-own accessories

... and sell them! Yes I am selling these beautiful hair ornaments that are so in fashion now. And I can't wait to deliver my first batch to Woodlands Mart. I met a lovely lady there who has a fashion stall. This might just be one of my baby steps towards achieving a long time dream of having a scrapbooking/craft gift shop!

see these pretty blooms up close @ my shop

... meanwhile, I am a little anxious and excited inside over something not related to the flowers. Will tell you as soon as I am sure what it is :)

farewell francis

i believe francis will be remembered not only by the things he achieved in the industry but also by his being a loving dad,a sweet husband, agreat friend, a down to earth celebrity, a very patriotic, talented Filipino... etc.... i am one of the followers of his blog since way way back. before he was diagnosed..

you may also wanna know more about him ... from his very own point of view. just click this ---> FRANCIS M BLOG.

okay ... okay...

... i know i owe you a lot. but i hope you'll forgive me :) you missed nothing. all of what have happened since my last post can be found in my facebook. its where i hang out most of the time these days. and yes. i admit i got addicted. but i resolved 2 days ago to spend less time in there :) coz now im getting really serious with scrapbooking, making crafts, belly dance, making a living, attending to the needs of my boys, and spending more time with my God.

... i hope to be here more from now on.