thankful tuesday...

Guitar session with God.
Playtime, bath time, tickletime, silly time, with kids.
Us time with hubby.
Scrapping and blogging time: my ME time :)
Pancake time. They loved it! :)
Reading time.
Timmy Time! (my kids' current favorite!) LOL.
Bad time. Yes bad time. For some brief moments did have bad times. But it wouldn't be life without bad times, right?

Salamat Lord for what might be insignificant according to the world. But for me, these are special moments. Not in the years to come, for we'll never know what the future holds, but NOW.  Now is the only time I have.

There's another thing I spent time with today... PHOTOS! I'd like to share some...

Kuya having some fried rice with Patrick Star :)

Scrappers @ SG scrapmeet.

Goodies! 1. ntbk I got for submitting a LO 2. puncher I won in one
of  our scrapmeet games 3. trading card from Marix (thnk u
 Maricar! hehehe) 4. my RAK for winning Iris Babao
Uy's hosted challenge 5. primas, our scrapmeet giveaway
6. stamped cages (thank u again Marix!)
7. Nikki Sivils goodies for winning Pamela Young's hosted challenge....
Thank you SASG for being a venue for my having these eyecandies! xoxo! :)

Mini album for a dear friend, Cathy whose favorite color is, obviously, yellow. hehehe.

Thanks  for looking!
I didn't have a perfect day... but I have a perfect God.
Nyt! :)

We are...

happy, one, together, strong... in HIS steps!

That's the message I want to convey in my family-themed mini album :) And Im happy how it turned out! Thank you so much MWL for the abundant kit you gave me!

Here are the supplies I used:

Maya Road album, Cosmo Cricket's Delovely collection, MME's quite contrary collectio, studio emi-gloss; ranger white embossing powder, versa fine, versa water mark, Tattered Angels glimer mists, assorted prima flowers and flower centers, assorted ribbons, hambly, Prima and doodlebug for the alphas, and a lot of sizzix dies for the frames, flowers, tags, hearts, etc :)

Thank you for looking and thank you again MWL for this great opportunity! More power!

God says ...

"Walking down the street, a blind man hollered out, "Jesus! Have mercy! Come over and heal me!" Jesus didn't say, "Don't you know I'm the Son of God? I'm important. I've got a lot to do." No, Jesus stopped what He was doing, went out of His way, and healed the man. Jesus was willing to be inconvenienced to help other people in need.

We have to remember that as believers, we are the hands and feet of Jesus in the earth. We are His ambassadors. We may have a lot on our "to do" lists, but we have to be willing to make time for the people God has placed in our lives. That means not only your friends and family, but people you encounter on a daily basis. Today, keep your heart and mind open because God wants to do something in and through you when you choose to make time for Him."

- from a friend's email.

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one day ...

Not so long ago... (actually just yesterday), there was a blogger who planned to show off what she thought was already a finished baptism album of her son. She was too excited and happy to publish it, she couldn't sleep (ok, that's a little bit more exaggerated) only to wake up the next morning (that's today) that there were still about 5 more photos (forgotten photos tucked in some unfinished album!) that need to be made into a layout!  Oh no! She just couldn't ignore the photos because those were much much clearer photos!

 She didn't know whether to feel happy for the clearer photos or be disappointed that the album couldn't be showed-off! LOL. So while in doubt, she decided to just show off the cover (hahahahahha)...

Which was inspired by  Sookie's challenge at Scrapbook Challenges and Create :)

With hidden journaling details... paper tearing, rolling and cutting techniques :)

When will the album be finished? "Only time can tell" says the blogger.

a million times and two?

I did it again. I promised in my last post that I'll share about our previous weekend ... and then I got lazy to blog.... Soweeee haaa! *Miguel's accent* and now I wanna share about something else...FATHERS DAY! :)

The title says a million times and two. I don't think that's enough thank you's to God for these two fathers I want to honor today...

I thank God for His great love for me, for making me a daughter to my Papang. A father any daughter would wish to have. Wise, thoughtful, very talented and intelligent, super positive, happy, so trusting and supportive of his children, and always faithful to God. I'm forever proud he is my father. I believe all my other four siblings will agree with me! I love you Pang! :)

I thank God for His great love for me, for giving me a hubby --- Rujim and Miguel's father! His love for them is bigger than his love for anything else, even himself. He loves them next to God. (Well he keeps on saying he loves them third. God first, then me, them kids. But I doubt hahaha!). He'd give up anything for them. He'd die for them. I have witnessed that his being a dad to or children brings out the best in him. In his career, in his relationship with me, most especially with God. I just honor him for being a great Dad!

I thank God for His great love for me. For being my heavenly Father --- whose love is sufficient for me and is way too much greater than the love of our earthly fathers. Bless You Lord! For making me his daughter. For giving me the grace to be a strong, joyful even in times of suffering. For always being there. For making me happy in simple things. For so many other reasons! I can never thank Him enough.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! Papang, BB, my brother Jong, Papawens, and all the dads in the world! :)

Christmas magic!

I'm soooo lazy now. As always, tempted not to attend our Word Celebration. But thanks to this Christmas layout (and the Christmas magic it radiates!) because as I read the title and the journaling that says...

"God's best gifts... family and friends, sweet memories, peaceful sleep, good health, cheerful disposition, positive outlook, patience, understanding, kindness, graces, wisdom, time freedom, laughters, hugs, kisses."

I realized how blessed we are with these intangible things.... gifts that truly truly matter... we may not have all the money in the world, but with God's grace, we are happy! God deserves all the time in the world! I praise and thank Him concretely now by listening to His Words. So I better leave you with this post as I get dressed to have a date with my BB and the Lord. I promise to share with you about many other things that happened last weekend in my next post!

Enjoyed wasting time cutting these little bits!lol! (I read somewhere that the time we enjoy wasting is not wasted. Do you agree? heehehe) love this Cheery Christmas paper from American Crafts' Merry Mint..

My bests giftssss!!!!!

layers layers layers...

CIAO! :)


Because I couldn't think of a title for this post? lol.

I had a great time at Made With Love yesterday! I had 10 girls+3 moms+1 brother in class.  The kids are all so adorable. I become so sad every after class not knowing if I'd ever see them again. sigh. I overheard one cute girl asking her mom: "Mommy, are we gonna come here again tomorrow?" The mom didn't say anything hehehe! I posted some snapshots of the class here. are some little good things I brought home from MWL last night :):):)

"make and take"

my GDT vouchers! :)

(Guess what? After my class, someone-cute-who-just-got-a-haircut took me out on a brief KFC date :) I love him very much, so after our dinner, I bought him 2 new pairs of chinos. I hope he'd buy me the new crop-a-dile hikhikhik!)

Today, I got busy with Miguel (while Kuya's in school for the last day of his school holiday program) and this...

Hope everyone will have a great weekend! XOXO! :)


Beginning today, I will make a layout for my monthly goals. Because this goal setting is never ordinary. It's a checklist I offer to God for His approval. It deserves a special treatment. Thank You Dear Father for blessing my family's plans, goals and aspirations. You are with us every step of the way. I can feel it.

By the way, so happy to see K's grinning face as my LO was featured in MWL's Design Team Inspirations blog post :)

made with love

This is my first time to create  using a GDT kit! =)=)=) Feels super great to create something without being stingy! LOL.... I loved playing along with the mixed "kiddy" - themed papers from my kit! It goes perfectly with my sons' photos that have been waiting to be made into a layout! MWL asked me for only 1 LO but I got carried away so I made 3! hehehe....

The first LO will always remind me of my ultimate favorite "song" for my son, may it be during play/singing time, sleeping time (yes it works as a lullabye! lol) or talent show time... it's the first song Rujim learned to sing! In this page, the "Alphabet song" wherein each letter corresponds to an adjective that perfectly derscribes him becomes my journaling. Sassafras apple jack paper matches that completely... i know this is just a simple LO but I will grow old looking at this page, and will never get tired, because it will bring so much precious memory of my son.

Scrapping for a boy is always challenging.... I need to think of ways on how to fill my page without always using flowers... but thanks to the limitless possibilities of using paints, stamps and other mediums! makes scrapping equally fun!

Love this photo soo much! My boys were super supportive, trying so hard to be dad's model.... while the latter was trying out his newly purchased "umbrella" for his camera (i dont know how its called LOL) ...

This LO shows my love affair with dotted papers. I always grab one when I see one! hehe...

There you go... I admit these are very simple layouts... but that's the  best that I can be hehehe... I know I still have sooooo much to learn. But I just wanna take time ... be myself, have fun and be happy documenting my sons growing up moments. That's the most important reason why I scrap =)

Thank you again Made With Love! I can't wait to start with my next GDT project: a mini album using Prima goodies! yummy! =)

now's the time to think think think

When we have a problem think think think!

Sounds familiar? It's "My Friends Tigger and Pooh" theme song. The song I have been singing the past days while making these party crafts for Cheska. She was Darby in a scooter in her 2nd birthday party last Saturday. She's too too cute =)

I thank the much too useful Sizzix Bigshot for these cute stuff I made for Cheska. From the chocolate box party favors to dainty flowers in the layout... it's all magic of Sizzix!

2 good things and a class schedule :)

pssst, I  got something to tell you...

I was spotlighted here ... my  page won a challenge here... and finally, the schedule for my class at Made With Love is out! Thanks for hearing me out. My heart is bursting with happiness! =)

See more of Made with Love's cool classes in their June loveletter.

a life less ordinary

Every Tuesday, our brothers and sisters in St. Anthony community gather to celebrate a WORD. Each week we pick a single, new word from the scriptures, read about it, pray, share our related experiences and realizations.  It's always tempting not to attend our Word Celebrations considering the distance between our current location and the church. But it is always God's grace that we go, and are able to hear God's word. Last night, I was strongly tempted not to go due to an excruciating headache. But I went. God made a way.

I'm glad I did. Because the word was OBEDIENCE. The word is for me. For me and my family. For me and my husband. I recall the many times I was called by the Lord to obey. Most if not all of those times were sufferings. The  miscarriage with our first child, and then with our second. Finding out about our son's disorder. Buying a house and being so happy about it only to find out the house has no land title. Being forced to vacate a house we learned to love halfway through a contract (bringing us to a decision of renting a room, to be able to save up for our own house ASAP, thus sacrificing so many things)....These were just a few of the many calls for obedience.  But I praise and thank the Lord for these. Because through these, we get to share even just a tiny bit of Jesus Christ's death ... and resurrection. These experiences bring us closer to the Lord, and to each other each and every day. These make us stronger Christians. These give us unexplainable kind of peace... joy... happiness. These allow us to experience the presence of God in our lives. We live the truth that there is a God who loves, stays awake and takes care of us 24/7 --- never leaving us, making us feel super secure because at all times, He is in-charge. Indeed He always is in charge. He provides for our needs, even a little of our wants, He surrounds us with friends and loved ones, He leads us to little and big victories to affirm us, He grants us our desires.... His blessings are overflowing!

Obeying Him can be initially heartbreaking and painful, but ultimately, it is for our own happiness.

That has been our life.... for the last SEVEN years. Thank you Dear Father for these seven years of being in a LOVE TRIANGLE with You!

Happy 7th year Baby! I love you! Long live the "love triangle"!