Alyssa's BFF Party

You'd never believe how noisy, chaotic, and so-full-of-energy yesterday's class was. They all belong to an all-girl school, they all know each other, so there were no reservations whatsoever unlike any usual class when all kids do not know each other, so they'd be shy to roam around and make noises! Oh my! It was such a challenge... But I cannot also describe how fulfilling it is to see their happy faces when they finished the whole "fat" album as they call it,  to receive an sms from the birthday girl's mom saying she and Alyssa are very happy with everything, and to see the photos which captured everything... Most of the girls were saying they want their birthday at Made With Love too! :)

Here's Alyssa, in pink shirt with her dearest classmates ...

More photos HERE.

this day is very special...

It's Emelita' birthday! She's one of my BFF's ... a dear friend to all my siblings too.  We call her our adopted sister :) She's one of those friends whom I can talk to even before brushing my teeth in the morning knowing she wouldn't mind the bad breath. lol.  I miss her company so much. I believe she feels the same way ... Though we never get to talk often --- thru skype or ym --- our only means, sadly :( I am confident that our friendship remains the same... I miss you Let, tani someday neighbors ta sa Bacolod. God knows how much I wish for that!

Websters Pages spare pps are perfect for this color pallete from the Color Room. I love to use double-sided pps for cards ... makes it easy for me to scribble my dedication like what I did here :

Another great reason to celebrate today is ... a new BABY! Welcome to this not-so-perfect but beautiful world Baby Nathan! May God bless you with a good and happy life! Congratulations Mommy Icy and
Daddy Banjo :)

... used 8 different blue ribbons and twills, stamps, little stickers, prima and a button.. quick and easy :)

By the way, These 2 projects are made with a card and a tag Sizzix die ... Isn't it obvious I'm just crazy over Sizzix (I think I have said it again and again?) maybe that's why they chose me as one of the Design Team! Yipeeeee! I just realized I haven't shared it here in my blog yet.... So there :) Im just a happy gal :) Thank You Lord! Thank you Made With Love...

Bye bye now... need to prepare some decors for tomorrow's private class --- a scrapbooking birthday party :) The girls will make BFF album... co cute right! Thanks for dropping by! :)

sneaks :)

Wazzup friends?! A busy bee is blogging and saying hello! I miss you a lot :) Just dropping by to share some sneaks of a kids workshop that I'm gonna teach at Made With Love next month :) I'm so excited to scrap with the little ones again ...



"scrapping fun"

It's a 3-layout class about hobbies, friends, family, loved ones featuring American Crafts kit. Kids will learn techniques like creative cutting,stamping, making flowers, envelopes and shapes using Sizzix Bigshot, using paint and paper to make sun and clouds, making paper pleats/ruffles and have fun using cute American Crafts stickers.

That's about it for now. I hope to be back soon for more sneaks :) God is good. Nyt nyt!


... it's a nice kind of "overwhelmed" so don't worry about me :) I'm good! lol. I have just too much to do and I want to finish everything A.S.A.P. so that I can blog more often :) I miss blogging. Wanna thank you my dear friends for dropping by and for leaving comments (which by the way is one of the things that make me not just smile but grinnnnn! --- thank you!). I hope to do bloghopping again after the weekend, so I can also make you grin? hehe.

I have a million things to share but I am seriously busy now.
Halloween costumes.

Speaking of costumes, while brainstorming about what to make for my kids this year, I browsed photos last year... and look how small they used to be!!!!!! How fast can a child grow??? I mean.... do they really grow this fast??? Oh my....

little things

You will be happy today... because in this post, I got nothing much to say :) Not because I have nothing to say but because there's just too much of them. Ugh!

"Why not learn to enjoy the little things - there are so many of them". ~Author Unknown

it's my sister's birthday!

Finally! I like it every time I make something for someone's birthday and she'd say "I can't wait for my birthday!" So I did everything I could to make this a very special one. As if I'm joining a challenge or making a class sample! It took me almost a day to finish this --- and when I thought it's done, I had to tear out some stuff and add some more... of course it's for my sister whom I really love.

Sister dear, I pray for everything that's best for you. Anything that makes you truly happy. Pure joy. Peace of mind. Good health. More time with people who matter. I have more wishes but I want God to focus on these first. hehehe. Because I believe the rest will follow :) Thank You Lord in advance!

I miss you manghud. (I can't wait for December! *kag gulpi lang ko nag syagit* hahaha!) By the way, ano gusto mo nga present?

Mediums... burnt red TA glimmer mist, ink, crackle paint, blackAC glitter cardstock for the birdcage, prima flowers, ruffled rose I bought especially for Anne (kamahal bala!), MS punches, and 4 different Sizzix dies.... Best time doing this ever!

... this is my most fave part: "I love you little sister, more than you'll ever know" you know why? Because it says it all. My sister and I don't get to talk too often lately, especially when she has concerns or something because I'm the worst listener. But I hope she knows what's in my heart :) I think she knows :)

Credits: Pencil Lines sketch 207 and The Color Room 26.


I don't anymore like the fact that they love playing with my phone so much :( I asked Daddy to keep them engaged with more worthwhile activities... because today, Mommy needs to go work :) hehehe ...

It's a full class at Made With Love! Thank you to all who signed up... Let's all have a lovely day!

16 pixie-licious cards!

One day, while hubby was away, I had much time on my hands, that I watched lots of movies (thanks to my new toy!) and made 16 cards using my sizzix embossing plates and this. Im selling these cards to pay for that new toy I just mentioned ... oh, I better make some more....