{just us} and a Good News!

Hello! Blogging live from Le Grandeur

God gave us this chance to spend 4 days without the kids.. It's a lovely time and place for a retreat but I miss my two rascals so terribly. Thank heavens for Skype, we managed to enjoy some make-believe tickles, hugs and kisses. I can never imagine doing these silly kiss-the-screen thingy for more than 4 days though.  I can't wait to get home...

However, I really believe hubby and I need this time. Just us. With God. I feel so blessed. Sometimes a little bit unworthy for everything I have been getting from this retreat. It's just too much of a blessing to know the truth about His perfect love for an imperfect sinner like me... 

These photos are not the "blessings" and the "everything" and the "Perfect Love" I was talking about. These are nothing compared to what I really meant. It's much much more deeper and substantial than that. I can't describe it! It is my prayer that you will know about it in His time :) 

Next topic! OMG! I have been keeping this for weeks and I'm glad the time has come to share the news...

My fellow scrappers know that I have been, since the very first time I used these rock stars, an avid fan of Dew Drops. I use these in almost all my projects and I am soooo happy and grateful to be part of the Robin's Nest Design Team! Congratulations to my fellow DT members!   Thank you Terri and Robin! Can't wait to start creating with you all =) 

Flea Market: Love at First Try!

I  discovered  was reminded of something today.  Aside from scrapbooking, I have another passion. Selling. No not the Big Time kind.. Just the Flea Market kind of selling...  As a kid, I would sell home cooked sweets to my classmates, ice-cold watermelon slices to our neighbours.  In college, I'd sell make-ups! I love to sell anything! haha.. I re-lived my happy-selling-days today at the Flea Market organised by PCF, where I sold all-handmade stuff. It was F U N :) 

... especially that my sister was with me :) 

 ... sales exceeded my expectations :):):) met other sellers and future students!  Thanks to Teacher Sam's students and parents from other classes for dropping by our stall :) 

 ... look who came by to show support!

That's all I can share about our event today.. Thanks to all who dropped by, said hi, bought from us. Hope to see you again in our next flea market adventure! :) 


On another note, I'd like to share a layout I made for Crate Paper's "Thankful" challenge using Story Teller. My inspiration for the all caps/bold title page is a "SHOUT OUT" because I want to shout to the world how much my little man makes me happy. He is at this stage when he talks nonstop about just anything, about his day, about previous experiences... he's got some "dramas" and he likes telling jokes too. I could go on and on!

So far, I like the simple straightforward page made possible by my eclips, 
a white cardstock, dew drops, buttons, AC flair, some stamps and CP's yummy papers :) 

Thanks so much for dropping by!

i am so excited

It's Christmas again soon!!! Have you made your cards yet? If not, you can start now or better yet, you can buy from me! LOL! More of my cards here. Thank a million for visiting :) 

Made these cuties using Simple Stories

Christmas Cards for Robin's Nest

Very very excited to receive an email confirmation for me to move on to the next round of DT search for Robin's Nest. My scrapping friends know that I adore this cute little dew drops! I use it in almost all my projects. Why not? They are so easy to use. They are perfect to give that much needed dimension to my cards, layouts and handmade embellishments! 

 Here are the 3 Christmas cards I made using these rock stars... and at the bottom, I will be sharing a little bit of step by step tutorial on how I made the first "tree" card. Read on...

... don't you love my little dew drops tree! :) 

... and how about that ornament? :)

... holidays wont be complete without Christmas balls adorned with dew drops of course!

Now, here's how to make the little tree:

 Cut the tree using a die-cut machine, a chipboard or card stock and a tree die. If you dont have a die-cut machine you can just draw a tree and cut using your mighty pair of scissors! 

Wrap the tree die cut with green and red washi tapes. 

When the tree is fully covered, add the gold Dew Drops using a liquid adhesive. I use Beacon.  

See the difference? What's a Christmas tree without the "Christmas lights"? :) 

I hope you liked my humble tutorial. Go ahead now and make your holiday cards and gifts using Robin's Nest!

Thoughtful Crafts Tuesday!

Here's two family layouts I made for a client using no particular collection. In order for the photos to stand out, I chose off-white, brown and white color palette and a little bit of pink and orange accents ... mostly from different old collections and brands. The new supplies I used are the Mr. Huey mist for that white splatters and the wood veneers. 

Also included in this week's new uploads are these final batch of iphone casings.. I altered these with washi tapes. 100% sales will be given to help a friend who fights breast cancer.

Please visit my Thoughtful Crafts page for more handmade goodies, inspirations and gift ideas. Thank you! :)

Last month...

  • was my last month at the job I enjoyed a lot but somehow I feel that God made a way for me to do the two things I love the most: motherhood and Thoughtful Crafts :) Praying that this is really what He wants for me.
  • I ate plenty and exercised less... and you know what happened next. 
  • I learned to draw shape my eyebrows. hahaha!
  • I told myself that November 2012 will be better than October 2012. 

Hurray for October! Bring it on, November! 

Can you tell?

Two of these are $2 frames from Daiso and two are $30+ ones from a local scrapbooking store. Can you tell which is which? :) 

If you would like to learn how to alter these frames on a private workshop, please leave a comment or visit my facebook site by clicking here. Thank you! :)


I know iphone 5 is out but I also know that all the iphone 4/4S that Apple made are still alive... and there are many of them! So it is not too late for me to sell these pretty handmade case and backings... Especially that I am selling these for a good cause. 

100% of the sale will be given to my sister's BFF and band mate who is fighting breast cancer. So please buy! It's also a nice present for someone you know who owns an iphone :) Please click here for the details and more designs. Thank you so much! :)

Thoughtful Crafts Monday!

Spent my weekend mostly watching TV while making these... handmade eye candy as requested by my son's teacher! Do let me know if you would like some too :) 

More of these here. Thank you for looking! 

inexpensive children's day present

Had fun creating these apple cards by die-cutting and stamping! The only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that I ate 4 packs of oreo during the whole process. Sigh. But that and  sleeping late are so worth it especially after hearing my son mentioning this in his bedtime prayer last night =)

... they can keep the card after they gobble up a pack of oreo =)

So there... my something cheap and simple idea! Because thoughtfulness need not be expensive. What is important is this simple gesture will teach our kids the value of caring for and appreciating others.... Happy Children's Day kiddos! =)

EXTRA: Husband read this post and he asked why I chose apple and how is it related to oreo. (Seriously? Do I really need to explain? LOL!) So my truthful  answer to him is: "Because this apple shape is the only die I can find that is kid-ish, unless of course if you are willing to buy me a new one that related to oreo? hehehehe"

facebook status

"It's weekend! Nothing urgent on my planner. Boys are peacefully playing. Hubby's busy shooting with pals. It's raining (love!).  What to do? =)"

That was my FB status last weekend. I love to post about happy thoughts. About good things that inspire me and fuel me to go on despite life's challenges. Because life, though imperfect, is good and worth living. Especially if we have learned to accept and carry our cross gracefully. Joyfully. With pride. With peace.

Because only then, can we appreciate the rain... 

And as for me, it is only then when I can pick up my guitar and sing praise!  

... and scrap! 

... and blog! 


... It's my first time to make an art journal! With the help of Crate Paper, I enjoyed it and thinking of creating some more =) 

Hosting a challenge at United Scrappers using this project. Check it out!

note to self: stay you

This week at Made With Love, we are assigned to work on a "then and now" theme. So here's a layout about me... the baby me and the mommy me :) I want this layout to remind me of my roots... of how I used to be.... of how I should be no matter how much the world and the people around me have changed. 

As a child, according to my mother, I was really nice and polite. And growing up, I remember myself to be sweet, thoughtful, friendly, caring... optimistic, hopeful, always inspired, thankful and happy! Or at least I thought I was like that. I always wanted to please my loved ones. I can't stand it if someone is feeling bad or sad. I would do everything to make everyone around me smile. Because I am like that. I smile even when I'm hurt. Hoping in my heart that tomorrow will be better. I decide to be happy in my sorrows, believing that I have a God who takes care of everything. Smile. Laugh. Even in bad days, I can blog about it and end my posts with happy thoughts. 

But then... 

Failed attempts to please others, fake friendships, life's disappointments, hurts ... led me to brace myself and be someone I don't like. Tough.  Dry. Indifferent. Unconcerned. Selfish. Self-absorbed. Hypocrite.  Because the world seems to find this cool as opposed to the "corny" personality I used to have. Oh how wrong I was. I was not always happy being like that...

Why should I let these negative events dictate me to be a monster. Call me corny, call me weird, call me uncool. Alright. But I don't want to be a bitchy monster... but to be honest I  think I already am :(  I miss the old me. 

So this 12x12 layout will be displayed on my desk to remind me in my journey back to uncool nice-ness. God I'm gonna need help haha! 

Used a mix of papers from Lilly Bee and My Mind's Eye, embellishments from my stash,  and a "stay you" cutout with the help of my Eclips. You may wonder why I kind of covered my (baby) face with the title. There is actually an explanation to that. See this photo?...

... look at the pen mark on my nose ( I believe one of my siblings did that. When we were small, we would ruin each other's photos when we had fights! LOL! ). I don't know how to photoshop (it's an item on my bucket list so maybe soon ok) so I couldn't think of any way to cover that up so, cover-with-the-title it is! :) 

(By the way, I noticed how much I like to make side comments on my sentences using open and close parenthesis. Have you noticed too?! lol!) 


... the longer I scrap, the more I realise that I am not a medium-type scrapper. But I am still in denial. I still want to believe I can play with mediums (hahaha !) So there, I sprayed the title with Mr. Huey's clear shiny mist. hmmmn. Looks ok to me :) 

Hope you enjoyed (and was not bored to death by) my very honest post :) Till next time! 

Love, Gen :)

simple but not empty

That's how I describe by life these days. Simple. So near to Him.
  • Home most of the time. Enjoying the house that is at times messy but on good days, so neat and clean. I just love a clean and a good smelling house filled with simple stuff, most of them white.
  • Playing with the boys, mostly tickling and laughing out loud. 
  • Able to play with my guitar more. I am currently learning "How Lovely are Your Dwelling Places" one of my favourite songs  in the community =)
  • Watching movies with my love over a cheap red wine.
  • Spending quiet time with myself and my crafts. Making thoughtful gifts and cards such as these... 

... a gift box for Kuya's Case Manager/Social Worker in school.

... a simple birthday card for an officemate's friend. 

Click here if you want to order customized cards, gift boxes and scrapbook projects. Have a great week! 

Gen :)