dancing in the rain

Life in not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain. That's how I live my life. And what better way to interpret that wisdom than using these teardrops to make colorful raindrops? =)

... living in the moment, accepting everything good and bad, with faith and total trust in Him is HAPPINESS. Our life on earth is temporary and short. We better not waste our time on feeling sorry or anxious about anything. They are given to us for a reason. And if we believe that God loves us, why worry?  Dance in the rain! =)

Click HERE to see the full layout and the rest of my post  at The Robin's Nest blog. 

Terry Fox Run

In making this page,  I challenged myself to create a simple smash-inspired layout using just anything I can see in my catch-all tray + stickers and stamps within reach. I made this in one sitting one afternoon, making sure I won't lift my big butt until it's done. Just one of my spur-of-the-moment past time haha! Time was 34mins. It was really fun. Try it when you're bored and mojo-less. 

Terry Fox Run was a fun and memorable event for us. Especially that we saw how Kuya loved running! See his toothless smile... 

Miguel didn't like it at first. I guess because we woke him up so early. But when I challenged him to race towards Daddy, he started to enjoy :)

... and the fun continues! Although seeing from the photos, it's so obvious we were among the last to finish! =)

... 4KM-ish (because Miguel and I stopped somewhere, and took a short cut lol!)

... sorry for the burry photo but I have to post this. You know why right? :)

... it wouldn't be called fun without a JUMPSHOT!

 ... and a little bit of begel begel moments hahaha


... a training on levitation.

... friends and office mates.

One of the many blessings of having autism in the family is discovering that there are so many simple but FUN things available for our family to enjoy, most of them cost nothing. Like having picnics, strolling, biking, going to the beach, swimming in the pool. The latest addition to that list is joining family fun runs. And by run, I mean 10% run and 90% walk. Bwahaha!

This guy.

As much fun as it is creating this School Portfolio cover page, the best part was having random thoughts about this guy while making it...

  • His teacher Ms. Sya, in our recent parent-teacher meeting, told me he loves to help his classmates... and "help" means he will literally do his classmates' work. He would hop from one desk to another "helping". I had to do a heart to heart talk with him after that. 
  • He is very independent. I think he can already go to school by himself. Honest!
  • He talks a lot. 
  • Like the other day, he was the one talking with the doctor about his cough, his fever, his vomit moments... I just sat there quietly, feeling useless. haha!  
  • He loves his elder brother. He always thinks about him, helps him, whatever he has, he wants Kuya to have... Wherever he goes, Kuya should go too.... and he knows Kuya loves him too. Kuya kisses him all the time! But this morning, he told me: "Mommy, I don't want Kuya to kiss me too much. Just "sometimes" but not too much." 
  • Last night, while some sisters from church, hubby and I were busy in our church-related meeting, he was busy writing and cutting some papers... apparently he made valentines cards for each of our visitors with their names on it! I had no words just seeing him distribute these cards to the delighted recipients =) 
  • I have more bullet stories to share but I'll save it for another day.... 

... started this page with the photo at the center then randomly added the papers, the alphas and washi tapes. 

See you soon! :) 

diaper cakes make me happy

Hello! This week is really nice to me. Even though at this very moment, there's a renovation (again!) right at the top of our unit. This homeowner seems to really like renovating. A lot! But I love the fact that this doesn't make me upset.  That's my definition of a "nice week" Nothing special. No specific good news. This is  always  my prayer: "Lord,  give me anything, I will take it.  But whatever it is, just make sure that you make me handle it with a happy disposition". So there. He gave me my neighbor's Grand Renovation but I got no migraines. Just smiles and a happy mood. Thank you God!

Speaking of happy, check out what I made! A diaper cake... a very memorable project for me. Lol. I was having a valentine-related skirmish with dear husband but somehow making crafts especially diaper cakes gives you a happy spirit without knowing it. So I totally forgot about my bad feelings and before I knew it I was already chatting and laughing with my enemy. Waaaaah! :D

Back to the cake. I would like to thank my friends Sheryl and Jay for assigning this to me.... my second diaper cake ever. Love love love making these and I hope to make some more.. so people, make more babies please!!! :D:D:D

Ingredients: Ribbons, die-cuts, handmade flowers, tulle, a straw, buttons and a teether :)

Check out my diaper cakes album HERE  =) 

Let's talk about Valentine's Day...

Hmmn.. I got nothing much to say. So let's just talk about my valentine projects... Here's a mini album made out of a mix of many different products from different paper collections (and lots of washi tapes!) in 6x6 grey board...

 Joelyn must be a sweet lovable girl for someone to go out of his way and commission me to make this very special blank mini :) I can't wait to hear how their valentine's day turned out. 


Tiny bags of chocolates + cards for my son's teachers... 

Look! Someone got so busy making cards for his classmates. Aftert that he said: "I'm so tired!" lol!

... and here's what I said in Facebook: 

I believe that with all my heart. But right now,  I'm having a hard time putting it into action :( 
God help me. Please. 

What's the best birthday gift to give a husband?

Dear Mister*, 

I was thinking of giving you a cool watch. An expensive perfume.  Or the camera you've been wishing for.  But my budget (being a stay-at-home mom), only allowed me to give you a shirt. In fairness it's so nice, branded pa, discounted lang hehe.

But I don't really consider that my gift for you. 

You are so deserving of a gift that is more expensive than all those I mentioned combined. I'm not kidding. I want God to give  you these...

Peace. Inner peace. Joy. Courage. Contentment. These are what I pray that you will always have. 

Why? Because these gifts will give you good sleep every night.  Make you excited to wake up to a new day each morning. Give you genuine smiles and laughters. Allow you to have precious memories. Let you appreciate all the things that come your way good and bad. Making each day seem to be your last.  Making your life, though not perfect, so worth living. 

I hope you are happy with that?  :)

Happy birthday! 
I love you,

*endearment inspired by Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw. hahaha!

... made this layout and gave him at midnight :) 

... stitching, stamping, washi tapes, and the cheapest embellishment that never goes out of style: buttons!

It's raining! *grin*

Because a few hours ago it wasn't, so I went out. To the park. Take photos of my latest projects... What if I chose to be lazy and thought of 
doing-it-later? EEEK! No nice photos for my post! Good thing I did! YES! 

So I made this sweet gifts using Crate Paper's Pretty Party collection, Sizzix and Robin's Nest. So pretty I even thought of making one for myself =) It's my first time to work for a young guy client  so I made it extra special! It's almost valentines day so you can also make something like this. It's so easy just follow the formula: 

An Ikea frame. Cheap no more. 

... and a simple card to go with it! 

I love making these. Smiling the whole time hoping the ones who get these will have the same or even better smiles =) 

Thank you for being here. Love. Gen.