Singing with my crush. Don't worry dear husband he is just a crush. You are my love :D
Busy with Easter goodies
Trying my best to forget my migraine.
Tea time with Momi Tin.
Cooking this and this.
Anticipating Easter Vigil. The most important night of the year.
Clinging on to Him so as to maintain my heaven in this chaotic and sometimes very tiring and not so heavenly world...

The last one is quite deep and sensitive =) I wish to talk more about it with  tea and a cheesecake with a dear friend or a family. I sometimes hate that they are so far from where I am. I CAN SMELL HOMESICKNESS.

Change topic.

Here's one of the minis I have done for a workshop long ago for Jodi. I miss this beautiful kid.

Wishing you love and peace this Lenten season...

"I LOVE YOU" for Robin's Nest

I challenged myself. 
To use a feminine glitter crackle cardstock in a BOY layout. 
To use a faulty printed photo in a layout. 
To not use flowers.

Click HERE to see the details of  how I did the challenge for this month's The Robin's Nest  DT assignment  :) 

Happy Place *workshop*

I really miss conducting workshops... and I have been receiving inquiries from my previous scrap students and friends... and I badly need to scrap and crop with a group (it can really be very sad to scrap alone sometimes)... and finally it's here! Workshop! Scrapbooking Party! Crop! ...Whatever you wanna call it!

We will make a 12x12 layout using our favorites: pretty papers, twines, washi tapes, wood veneers, die-cuts, tags, date stamp, etc... and a mini book with pockets using a very straightforward trick you can use again and again to make more and more mini books at home, learn layering and clean distressing techniques, plus I will be sharing some tips on designing a layout! =) 

When: To be confirmed once a class of 4 pax is completed and confirmed*. We have 2 schedules available for this workshop. 
Where: Right  here at my Creative Space :)
Fee: $40
Duration: 2 to 3 hours
Things to bring: precision tip scissors, foam dots, Beacons glue, distressing tool, photo (3x3)
*Note: Confirmed slot means participants have paid the workshop fee.

To register, click HERE and drop me a message. Hope to hear from you! :))

You know...

When you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing. 

I was busy taking photos of my goodies. And suddenly he was already there. Grinning. No words needed. 

That made my day a little bit better. Thank you for making me smile bugoy :) 

This tag/minibook was ordered by Cathryn who was referred to me by Chrissy who orders tags from me for her company, who was referred to me by Dora who is a friend of mine from church and who just ordered 10 Easter baskets from me... you know what I mean? 

Kind and Happy Customers.
Word of Mouth.
Lots of Orders. 
New Friends. 

I Am So Grateful :) 

I love him!

First time I noticed as I watched him deliver his message was that, he seems very charming. Smiles a lot, jokes, and so humble that he asked the people to pray for him. And for the first time, unlike other popes and religious leaders, he speaks using very simple words! I liked him immediately so I googled more about him and these are some few things I found:
  • He refused the papal car and chose to take the bus with the cardinals.
  • He picked up his luggage from the hotel and paid his own bills
  • During the dinner with the cardinals, he did not sit on the "raised" chair and sat instead with the cardinals.
  • He responded to a toast with a remark: "May God forgive you for what you have done".  
  • Humble 
  • Simple. Very simple in his lifestyle, and even in speech!
  • He kisses the feet of AIDS patients.
  • He prays with prostitutes.
  • Gentle but firm.
  • Loving but fearless. 

It is with no doubt, I can say, that the Church is in good hands. It is with gratefulness to God for giving us a wonderful guy, the coolest Pope ever to inspire and help us in our journey of salvation.

My kudos, admiration and huge love goes out to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for choosing to die to himself, stepping down so that others may live, truly following Christ's example. I believe he was anointed to make such decision knowing that in his advanced age and failing health, someone else is more fit to do the duty. It needs an extraordinary amount of courage and humility to do what he did.

... the Pope in a bus with the cardinals. He is so ordinary the "elite" and the "sosyalan" will hate him LOL :P 

... the 3 beloved Popes in my lifetime together in one photo! All 3 are supporters of the NC Way! I'm at the right track. A very narrow track though. 

On a personal level,  I am filled with joy to find out just this morning, that the Pope has always been very close with the initiators of Neocatechumenal Way, has always shown his affection and support to the way and has even celebrated the Eucharist with the community in various occasions. It double confirmed my hunch! I could feel it already. He seems to WALK the neocatechumenal way TALK: simplicity, humility, and love for the cross. 

I'm just so happy! it feels like Easter came early :) 

Long live POPE FRANCIS!!! 

mini books with pockets

Looking for all-occasions cards? Or a mini book? How about both? Plus more! Because this is a card that is also a mini book and when you open it, it has 8 pages with 8 cute pockets --- that can store your small notes, photographs and whatnots!

100% handmade with love and thoughtfulness :) Whoever you wanna give it to will surely love it!

... this is how it looks inside.

That's about it for now. I'm so busy with this guy and this guy. And as much as I'd like to stay up and talk much longer, I have to say goodnight now because we need to wake up very early tomorrow for swimming with Teacher Yen. All are excited! Goodnight :)

More of these tiny books HERE.

Wordless Wednesday: Echo Convivence 2013

Thankful Tuesday

I thank YOU for everything. For the patience, for your understanding, for the love, for the listening ears, for the laughters, for helping me carry my crosses... 

And for asking me out yesterday! :D

pretty + busy = PRETTY BUSY!

Hi! Just got back from a weekend retreat with my community. It was AWESOME. I can't wait to share with you more about it. 

I'm sooooo busy today so I'll be quick. (Wait, when did become NOT busy anyway? lol)  Anyway, I'm just so happy that more and more people are following my humble online shoppe. Orders come regularly. I'm getting inquiries from strangers... most of all I'm gaining and meeting new friends with the same interest as I have :)

Okay, here are some of the things I made lately... 

... for my soon-to-be  goddaughter! 

 ... and for Baby Elle.

Please agree with me. They are PRETTY! Right? Right? :)