What HOME means to me ...

I used to dream home as a little white bungalow house, with white picket fence, a huge lawn with a playground for the boys, a garden with lots of vegetables and flowers...  beside that pretty house is my studio where I make and sell pretty stuff and do scrapbooking classes. And this has to be in Bacolod, Philippines. My hometown.

Over time, I want to think that I have grown (maybe just a little bit) into a mature Christian. Because my perpective about all these dreams changed. Radically. 

Right now, home for me is any place God wants me to be, doing the things He wants me to do, being in communion with the people He sends my way (the last one is tough but in His grace, little by little, I will be able to achieve it). I also realised that this world is NOT my permanent home. All these things I can see and hear and touch are temporary. What is essential is invisible to the eye, they say. True right? :)

So now, although part of me still wants that little white house with a garden in Bacolod, I have come to enjoy every bit of what God is giving me... here and now. It's simple. Less complicated. Less disappointments. No more rat race. More time with family and community. More time enjoying the moment. Living each day as if it's my last. More peace. More happiness. Just like home. Just like heaven. Thank You God!

Did this page using Project Life - Midnight kit + Teresa Collins + My Mind's Eye + Paper Market's Singapore kit. Thanks to my friend Nur for counting me in to get the kit! :) 


Inspired by Sam, who effortlessly stitches her layouts with perfection, I made this layout with hand cut curved borders + stitching. Just a random placing of anything I could find from my stash.. I also love that I was able to make "A DAY AT THE..." title using my letter sticker left overs. Note that I used inverted V for A (and I used 3 other "wrong letters" can you spot them?). 

@thecrafterscamp (from instagram) thought that the sequins, dewdrops and circles look and feel like they are footprints in the sand. I really haven't thought about that until she told me! 

This photo was taken at Sentosa, one of our favorite places here in Singapore, during our wedding anniversary staycation. I'll be sharing more of our photos that weekend on my next project life spread :)

I cut the silver star using glitter cardstock and Sizzix. Arrow stamp's from MME. Dewdrops from Robin's Nest. Sequins are gift from scrappy friend, Shu Ying (thank you!!!)

... Not so sure about that oil pastel circle drawings, lol. But I just closed my eyes and did it. Not bad eh? 

Project Life | Week 21 : Oh So Yellow!

  • Banana Cake. No-brainer baking.
  • Kuya won the Stride Rite photo contes
  • Miguel's first bulleye.
  • Our NC Way community participating in the Street Challenge at the St. Anthony Parish. 
  • Cotton Power!
  • Family time at the park. 

I made these pages when yellow was my least favorite color of all. Lol. 

No one's pressuring me at all. But I want to challenge me a little bit more and try to do some catching up... so I kept it simple.  Thanks for checking out my blog! I want to visit your blog too so do leave a comment below with your blog link.. See you! :) 

Project Life - Week 19 & 20


But surely doing it and I have no plans of stopping :) I'm just frustrated with how to take nice and crisp photos of my projects (that's the one thing discouraging me from blogging, to be honest. I badly need to know how to take and edit photos!) Anyway, that's my week 19 & 20! I don't wanna apologise for being late. Because I want to believe, in projec-lifing, there is no deadline. Ha!

... close ups of my very favorite things! Crafting & being with crafty friends. #blessed. 

See you again soon... probably with my 21st week :)

10-minute craft

A few minutes ago, as I was about to write something on my plain and boring Popular-bought notebook, I just felt the need to pick up a piece of My Mind's Eye paper and cover my notebook partially...

Then cover the front part with an MT tape, a lovely present from my friend Min (Hi my friend.. it was nice chatting with you this morning. Hugs.)

Finished it up with "made with love" tape --- also a present from my friend Aida :) 

It amuses me that it just took me a few minutes to alter this notebook. Because most days, it would take an hour to a couple of days. Seriously. 

pink & black wedding

I should post this on a Thursday and title it: Throwback Thursday because these were made more than a year ago. My goodness. For reasons I don't know, I failed to post these projects that are so significant because I made these for people so close to my heart --- my sister and brother-in-law for their wedding day!

... invites made using Sizzix embossing folder, Maya Road twines and some other pretty stuff from my stash. 

... party favors are a bottle of beverage with hand stamped label  and a luggage containing sweets. I used four different kinds of Sizzix dies. Yes hand-stamped and typewritten. All 250 sets of them!  I typed and stamped and cut all these till my fingers went so numb. lol. That's how much I love baby sister. 

... these are tags for guests to write their wishes. 

... wedding guestbook where the tags will be placed. I used my Polaroid to take photos to be placed on int he album.

... blank tags. 

I always always love creating. Can you imagine how much more love I'd feel when I create for a loved one? I can't wait for my other sister to get married! Paging... Dit2! 

Robin's Nest DT sneaks: Animal Prints

I'm still here! Sorry if I may have disappeared for a few days. We have some visitors at home, and I confess, I kind of got addicted to instagram. It is so great to find new friends all over the world through that photo-sharing platform and nowadays, I spend more time there than in facebook and in this blog. If you are in instagram, follow me and leave some comment and I'll be glad to return the favor.

Okay. For my Robin's Nest DT assignment, I made  a layout using the very pretty Creme Glitter Animal Print  and the really cool Black and White Animal Print papers inspired by this image from my Pinterest Boards (follow me!) ... Check out all the details and my thoughts on this project HERE. 

Hope to be back and post some more tomorrow. Great week ahead to us all! :)

favorite little something

My favorite little something today is finding myself trying to choose love and saying yes to  the not-so-easy kind of mission. It gives me a deeper kind of peace and joy. What's yours? 


The Cup Song (taking a break from scrapbooking posts!)

I'm just a wife trying to impress her husband (the one taking the video) but gets too distracted and couldn't finish the song hahaha!

... LOL! far from perfect but I had fun learning this* today.  Now I have a talent to show when we go to those children's party where the host would always say, "Bring me your singing Mommy!" hahaha joke :D

*heard this first from Hannah Pangilinan then from Ana Kendrick (Perfect Pitch). If you want to learn this, just search from youtube there are so many tutorials going on out there!

Workspace Wednesday: Enjoying the Now

I'm wishing that...
  • I have a brand of my own. With a really cool packaging. 
  • That I have friends who come and crop with me. Where they learn from me and I learn from them. 
  • I have a shoppe with lots of beautiful things and I would stay there the whole day. With my boys in one corner doing their assignments and playing their favorite games. 

I know it's a long long way to go but I don't think about that. I just want to enjoy the now.... It is not always easy but with God's grace, and the support of my husband and family, I'm willing to pay the price to live the life I have imagined. After all, life is a journey not a destination.

How about you? What do you wish for? :)

Scrapbooking Class: Back to Basics

  • Do you like scrapbooking but you don't know how or where to start?
  • Do you love papers + scissors + glue and all the other  pretty things that you can create with it?
  • Are you a scrapper for quite some time already but somehow, sometimes gets stuck somewhere and would very much want to go back to basics? 

If you said YES to any of my questions then this class is for you! 

In this class, I will guide you on how to create your very own scrapbook page from scratch. Get familiar with scrapbook terms, tools and supplies. Learn the very basic but essential techniques of choosing photos + papers*+embellishments for your layout.  *papers may vary, depending of availability.

Workshop dates*: Since this class is being offered every month, see this month's schedule on our Thoughtful Crafts NEWSLETTER. (dates will be confirmed if participants have paid workshop fee)
Things to bring: 1-3 photos of the same theme and colors
Duration: 3 hours
Workshop venue: Here in my happy place!
Fee: $40

How to sign up:  Comment on this post or PM me HERE, or email me at: gen8880@yahooDOTcom.

Gen :)

Project Life | Week 18: It's Time!

After years of denial (because I have no time, because it is so tedious, because.. because.. because...)  I finally gave in to Project Life. Please don't make me admit I feel so sorry I started this late! *facepalm* 

I watched Warm Bodies with hubby last Sautrday and one of my fave scenes was  when Julie,  in an abandoned airplane with R, was snapping some polaroid shots and said,  Everything we see, we might be seeing it for the last time. Yes. That's why I scrapbook. I have a very bad short and long term memory. And I have no plans of just forgetting all the simple but precious everyday moments of my kids and family! I need to Project Life! This will be for my sanity when the time comes. My grandchildren and great great grand children will thank me for this! 

I wish my very first spread would say: "Week 1" but then that would mean I have to wait for like 6 more months to  be able to start? No way... I'm starting at "Week 18"whether you like it or not :P 

Thanks to Cassandra and Sam. Looking at their awesome works inspired me to try this.  Having lots of  fun and I think I'm hooked!